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Sunday, 29 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 347

When they'd finished and everything had been cleaned and dried and put away in its proper place to Eleanor's satisfaction, Jason looked at his grandmother and said, “Grandam, how much energy do you have now? Maybe we can take you to see the sights? Or show you round the city.�?
A bit tired still, my dear, old you know.�?
Well, why not come and see where I work? We won't go on a long trip and it's not far. You too, Eleanor. You haven't seen where Key and I work.�? Jason didn't want them to think he was ashamed of where he worked. He was proud of his work, in fact. He earned an honest living, he wasn't relying on his dividends or the trust fund, he was being a real person. It felt wonderful. He was his own man for the first time in his life. Beholden to nobody, yet with friends, dear friends, who were also his lovers and his supporters. “Maybe we could have a coffee at a café and you could meet Esmé too?�?
Lucasta could see Jason wanted to show off to her his new city, his new job, and though she was in truth still a little
tired, she agreed.

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Saturday, 28 July 2012


Well, just as with FakeBook and Google+, I've given in and got an account.

You can find me here

Majorca Flats -- 346

Jason saw his grandmother looking at him with worried abstraction and knew she was thinking about him. He gave her a smile and took her arm in his.
Out!�? he ordered, firmly. “Key and I will wash up.�?
Well,�? offered Eleanor. “Maybe we can all do it. Division of labour. Isn't that how we are supposed to be efficient?�?
All right.�? Jason smiled at Eleanor. He was very fond of her. He hoped she and his grandmother would become friends.
Lucasta saw the smile and resolved that she would try to be friends with Eleanor. She trusted Jason's judgement. Only with Brent, at the end, had he been wrong—so wrong!—but his sense of the worth of other people had always been acute, even as a boy. She supposed that was why he didn't get along with his mother she might be family but really the woman was odious such a wart and rather stupid too luckily her children had inherited their father's brains.

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 345

Keith and Jason helped Lucasta and Eleanor clear away the debris of their morning tea.
We'll do the washing up,�? offered Jason.
You young things must have a hundred things to do! I'll do it.�?
No you won't, Eleanor! My friends all descend upon you like gannets and eat you out of house and home! The least I can do is do the washing up!�?
it's so nice to see young appetites,�? Lucasta said, “all that energy and able to eat whatever you want and not put on a pound of fat all that zest for life.�? She glanced worriedly at Jason, thinking that for a time his zest for life had disappeared. But he looked happy. Had he forgotten Brent? She didn't think so. One didn't forget the person one loved dear Harold had been dead these twenty years and had only met Jason at the christening if that counts as meeting you could hardly have small talk could you with a baby but at least Harold had seen his grandson which was nice though come to think of it Harold would not have been too happy about Brent though she wasn't sure about whether it was because Brent was working class or a man perhaps not so much the man because after all he'd been to Eton and, well, there were all those pashes weren't there with teachers and the other girls at her school and she was sure that boys at Eton had that too but then did boys have pashes Harold never said, so interesting.

From the film Spud

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Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Footy, chapter 33

You can read chapter 33 of Footy here.

Only two more chapters to go!

Evelyn Waugh, author.  Bisexual

Majorca Flats -344

Luigi reached over and wiped away Cody's tears with his thumbs.
It's not easy, Coads. We're gay or bi or … different. People don't approve. They think we're wrong or evil or perverted. And it makes it hard. And we … well, sometimes. Some of us. We have … we see … fidelity differently to everybody else, too. We … fuck each other. But it's not like we're being unfaithful to each other. We … if we … look, love, it's wrong to deceive or lie or cheat … but Keith knows about Jason and Jason knows about Keith and, you know something? I reckon Tom knows about Keith and me and Jace.�?
Don't you get jealous?�?
Yeah. Sometimes. But … what's important is that we're friends. We love each other, in our own way. We … care. I know it sounds weird to you. But … we're a sort of family.�?
I wish …�?
I dunno.�? Cody shook his head and looked away.
We'll try and work it out, Coads. We will. Because that's what you do with people you love.�?
Do you love me?�?
I love you too, Lou. More than you can know.�?

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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 343

The inimitable and delectable Adam Lambert.  Who is gay-shaded.
They glared at each other angrily.
At last, Luigi sighed, “I know every man and his dog think gay is wrong and evil. Ieven thought that once. I hated myself. I wanted more than anything to be like the footy team. All manly and macho and straight. I fucking begged God to make me straight. And He never did.�? He turned away and stared into the distance. “You know what? I think God doesn't give a flying foo-foo valve about gay or straight. And half the fucking priests in the Church are gay. I'm me, Coads. I know I have faults. I know I'm effeminate. And over-obsessed with clothes. I know I'm not perfect. But, Coads, I've struggled hard to learn to like myself. To learn to love myself. To accept—to be happy with—what I am.�?
align="LEFT" lang="en-AU" style="line-height: 150%; margin-bottom: 0cm; margin-top: 0.5cm;">There was a silence broken only by the distant clang of a tram and the muted rumble and growl of lorries on the main road.
What are your faults?�? Cody whispered. His lips trembled and his eyes glistened.
I fall in love with straight-acting bisexual blokes who break my heart.�? Luigi's smile was wry.
Oh, Lou, I'm so fucking sorry! I never meant to hurt you. Or Phillippa. Or anyone. Oh, God. I'm so sorry.�?

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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 342

 “Yes. But sometimes you wouldn't answer your mobile. You wouldn't be there for me. When I needed you. When I wanted to talk to you.�?
Cody looked away. He didn't answer.
And what about Phillippa? You weren't there for her either. You lied to her. And you lied to me.�?
You lie to your mates.�?
No I fucking don't. We all know the score. Jace and Key and I fuck each other, sometimes together and sometimes just two of us.�?
That's … wrong.�?
Why the fuck is it wrong?�?
You should stick to one.�?
Yeah. Like you did!�?
style="font-family: Arial, sans-serif;">Being gay …. it's …. wrong, Lou. I know that. You know that.�?
I fuckin' don't! You know what? Trying to make a gay person straight is like trying to make a short bloke grow an inch. It won't happen. It's impossible. Against nature.�?
But I'm not gay!�?
Yeah. So you said.�?

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 341

 “Yeah, and you throw me out like a piece of dog shit! While you're sleeping around and your friends are fucking everything in sight."
Luigi took a deep breath and counted to 10. Cody had been through a lot.
Before he'd got his temper under control, Cody said, his eyes angry, his tone challenging, “Well?"
Firstly, I wasn't sleeping with Keith and Jason when you and I … when I was going out with you."  Neither noticed the old-fashioned phrase, implying so much more than just a fuck or a fuck-buddy, implying in fact as it had been once in the 50s and 60s and 70s, the inevitable prelude to marriage and life-long commitment.
Yeah, well." Cody wouldn't look at him.
And … I was angry with you because you'd been deceiving me."
I … Lou … I had no choice … I couldn't tell Phil. She would've dumped me. And I love her."
Why should I always have second best? Just because I'm gay? Why can't I have someone to love?"
I do love you. I did love you, Lou. I did!"

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 340

But Coads … you're gay.�?
No!�? Cody shook his head vigorously. “No, I'm not gay.�?
Luigi was starting to get angry as well as depressed. “You liked it well enough when we had sex,�? he said, letting go of Cody and turning away.
Yeah. But I'm not gay.�?
OK. What are you?�?
I don't the fuck know, Lou. I'm … I dunno. I do love you, Lou, I do. But … but, Lou, what if what happened to me is a punishment. From God.�?
Do you believe God is good?�?
Yeah. I s'pose.�?
So why would He choose someone evil to do His bidding?�?
I dunno, Lou. I just feel maybe if I'd been straight … then ...�?
I thought you weren't gay?�?
I'm not. But … it's a no brainer … I'm prolly not straight. I don't know, Lou.  I don't know anything any more.�?
You need to talk to Key and Jace. They're not 100% gay either. Key … I think Keith is half in love with Esmé, who works in the café next door to the pub. But he also loves Tom and … Coads … he's my friend too.�?

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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 339

 “Lou … I don't think I'll be able to have sex again. It … after … him … it seems … I just can't.�?
Luigi hugged him closer. “It doesn't matter, Coads. When it feels right, then we can do it.�?
What if it never feels right, Lou?�? Cody sounded desperately sad and downcast but also matter of fact, as if he were facing a bleak and unavoidable reality.
It will, one day. When you love someone enough, you can … overcome … big obstacles.�?
But what if … Lou …. what if it was my fault that all this happened to me?�?
Your fault?�?
How can it be your fault?�? Despite himself, Luigi was feeling nettled. What the fuck was Cody saying? What did he mean?
Well … I mean … if I hadn't been there, in that pub, he wouldn't have got me.�? He stopped for three or four breaths. Luigi waited. When Cody next spoke he was close to inaudible. “I'd still be all right. Everything would be all right.�?
He would have taken someone else. Fuck it, Coads, that man is a monster.�?
Yes, but … if I hadn't been out whoring … if I'd stayed at home with Phillippa ...�?

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Thursday, 12 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 338

As it turned out, the police detective was scrupulously polite. But police protection for Cody appeared to be still unavailable.
Just as well I was there,�? muttered Deborah as they left.
He seemed OK,�? observed Luigi.
Yeah, but a couple of times, he started asking something then stopped. They tend not to do that unless … Listen, don't agree to have an interview unless I'm there. I don't trust them.�?
OK,�? answered Luigi. He was too tired to argue. They thanked her and said goodbye.
Shall we go home?�? he asked Cody.
Where's that?�? asked Cody, bitterly.
With me.�?
Do you still love me?�?
Did he? He wasn't sure, any more. But he had to say he did, because Cody needed him. Later ….
Yes. I do.�? And saying it made it all at once real. He wasn't 'in love' any more, perhaps, but he certainly loved Cody. Cody mattered to him. He wanted Cody to be happy. He needed Cody. Was he a friend? He didn't know. Jason and Luigi were friends. And lovers. Their relationship was equal, one of mutual affection and support. And lust. Was that love? He didn't know any more. After Richard, his cello player older lover, Luigi had thought he'd come to a more nuanced and adult view of love. And then he'd met Cody. Now …. now he felt wiser but he also felt he knew less about love and sex and 'in love' and friendship. What had happened over the last few weeks had made it harder to make a harsh judgement, to divide and classify.
He pulled Cody into his arms and kissed him. “I do love you,�? he said again.

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Monday, 9 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 337

Lygon Buildings, Carlton
Luigi's phone rang. “Excuse me for a moment, Lucasta.�?
G'day. Luigi DiPietro speaking.�?
This is Detective Sergeant William Lukovic. I understand you're the contact for Cody Williams?�?
Yeah. He doesn't have a mobile at the moment.�?
Can I talk with him?�?
Yeah.�? Luigi took Cody's arm and whispered to him, “It's the 'tecs.�?
Yeah …. Good .... OK …. I'll see you there in half an hour.�? He handed the phone back to Luigi. “We're to meet him at Carlton Police Station.�? He stared at Luigi. Luigi could see his reluctance.
Luigi pulled him into a hug. “Don't worry. You've got Jace and me and Key on your side. And a lawyer. We'll sort it out.�?
Cody shook his head and looked away.

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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 336

I would be very pleased to accept your invitation, er, Lucasta. Perhaps we can come over when Jason goes back to England.�?
Oh, d'you think he will he seems quite settled here fitting in which he didn't in England all his snobbish friends so silly really when it's what in your heart that matters don't you think? But people can fuss about such unimportant things in the scheme of things though upbringing is important but sometimes you can be brought up by the best and go all wrong and sometimes have an impossible time in your youth and come right.�? She looked anxiously at Luigi and then beyond him at her grandson.
Divining her concern, Luigi gave her a small smile and nodded. “Jace will be fine. He's ...�? Luigi paused for a breath, “he will be OK. He has us.�?
The simple honesty with which he said that brought a lump to Lucasta's throat and for once she was speechless.

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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 335

 “My dear, indeed you have. But if you will take some advice from an old woman, I do believe that in the end it will come right. Things which seem so intractable and serious and urgent in the end sometimes just resolve themselves. Time is a great healer. I should know, I've had lots of it.�? She turned to Luigi. “So delighted to meet you my dear you've all been so kind to Jason here in a strange country and so upset.�?
Mrs Ellesmere, it was my pleasure. Jason is a top bloke. He was very kind to me when I was … unhappy.�? Here Luigi looked at Cody and gave him one of his blinding smiles. Despite Cody's incipient jealousy over Luigi's relationship with Jason he was unable to
stop himself smiling back.
Lucasta wondered whether 'top bloke' was Ozzie slang or some kind of sexual code word. She decided to ignore it. “Do call me Lucasta, dear, such an old-fashioned name but mine own as Shakespeare said or was it Marlowe I forget so long ago at school.�? She drew breath and so did her interlocutors. But the pause was just momentary. “I was saying to your young man here that you must come and stay with me in London we'd be delighted to have you.�?

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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 334

Louis XIII, bisexual King of France

Luigi went back into the living room to talk to Cody. He was deep in conversation with Lucasta Ellesmere.
So my dear I said to him that if that was his opinion of course he was entitled to it it's a free country though not with those ultra-nationalists who are they I forget so vulgar. But really! Canon Green would give him a gentle rebuke you know so kind and wise and insightful but what I wanted to say was that you must come and stay with me and Parker and Mr Minim in London soon it'll be such a pleasure to have you and you can tell him yourself about it you know that piece in the Bible about donkeys. Or is it wine? I get so muddled sometimes. Do say you'll come and bring Jason too and your beautiful young man such a pleasure.�?
Cody was smiling a little. “How kind! I've never been to London. I'd love to come and bring Luigi.�?
Such a beautiful name I always preferred it to the French version all those kings, Louis one after the other so tricky to remember at school and I always got muddled and then Miss Lavers would get cross though she was quite a sweetie really and would let us senior girls have tea with her every so often and I remember she had the most deliciousseed cake and a photo of her young man killed in the Great War such a pointless waste I think if women ran the world it would be a better place and I said that to Lillibet when last I had tea there her cooks do make the most scrumptious eclairs though I suppose we shouldn't eat all that stuff just live on lettuce leaves so dull.�?
She smiled anxiously at Cody, not quite sure whether her prattle was helping.
On impulse, he took her hand in his and squeezed it.
I’m sorry,�? he said, “that I'm not more talkative. I've been through some bad times recently.�?

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Monday, 2 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 333

Jason still had the piece of paper Colin had given him with the surgery's address and phone number scrawled on it.
Hi. This is Luigi DiPietro. I was in earlier with my friend Cody Williams. I was just wondering if Dmitri could give a doctor's certificate for the days off work Cody has had."
I'll put you through."
When Dmitri picked up the phone, Luigi explained what he was looking for.
I'm an idiot!" exclaimed the doctor. “I should have asked you when you were here! Of course I'll do a certificate."
What will you say?" asked Luigi. A certificate which said the wrong thing would be worse than useless.
Well …. first, it would be confidential, normally. But since you and Cody are partners … also, I can't lie on the certificate. And I won't. Hmmm. Injury. Trauma. The problem is …. Cody's boss will want to know what the injury is. It's not like a broken arm. And trauma … they'll want to know what caused the trauma. I'll do a certificate. But it might not solve all Mr Williams' problems."
Luigi thanked him and gave his email and snail mail address.

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