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Monday, 24 December 2012


The Watcher was again monitoring the group sitting in the sun in the garden opposite.  A Nest of Evil, he thought with satisfaction.  Vipers and scorpions.  The two old ladies no better than the twinks.  Encouraging evil ways and abominations.  They should have forbidden the twinks the house until they’d accepted Jesus and given up their gayness.  Instead, they encouraged it.  Look at them laughing together!  Who shall be punished with everlasting destruction from the presence of the Lord, and from the glory of his power.
He would extirpate the lot of them, corrupt homo filth.  

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Sunday, 23 December 2012


Lucasta saw the exchange and was both amused and touched by it.  Such a sweet boy flirting in front of me like that full of trust I suppose they shared the bed last night yet once that wouldn’t have been scandalous long ago it’s our world so obsessed by sex but Jason and Brent were in love and loved each other and if it hadn’t all happened so sad they would have got married and really marriage is about more than sex though sex is important and I did love Harold would he have minded I suppose he would have but I would have given him a sharp talking to I’m too old to worry about what society thinks that’s one of the privileges of old age not to care about idiotic beliefs and stuff and nonsense but I do hope dear Jason finds love because it does make the world go round I’m so glad I came and I do love him dear boy so good and Luigi so beautiful extraordinary really I hope he doesn’t break Jason’s heart I couldn’t bear it if it were to happen again poor dear boy.
Aloud, Lucasta observed, “Such a lovely day autumn really is the best season especially here so much warmer than London not to mention the countryside all those old-fashioned houses so badly heated so you roasted on the side facing the fire and froze on the other side and got chilblains.”
“So dispiriting, chilblains,” observed Eleanor, luxuriating in the warmth of the sun and the still slightly chilly air.
“My dear, such a torment at school the dormitories never properly heated quite Victorian really.”
“What are chilblains?” asked Luigi.
Lucasta smiled.  “Vile itchy lumps on your hands and fingers which you get in winter quite horrid I assure you.”

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

Friday, 21 December 2012


Luigi woke to the smells of breakfast and the sounds of chat and laughter drifting through the half-open window.  He threw off the bedclothes and pulled his jeans on over his thong.  He sniffed the armpits of his shirt.  A bit niffy.  Couldn’t be helped.  He went through to the bathroom and washed his face.  The smell of cooking reminded him of his grandmother, of staying at home, of being happy.  I’ll give it a go, he thought.  It’s not like I’m alone any more.  I have Jace and Key and maybe this whole thing with Cody will work out.  I’ll be happy.  I’ll make myself happy.
He traced the smell and conversation to the kitchen, and emerged into bright autumn sunlight.  As he was greeting and being greeted, he couldn’t help looking again and again at Cody to see how he was.  There was some reserve, some sadness and grief, but he looked far better than he had when Luigi had picked him up the day before (only one day ago!) in Mt Macedon.  Between him and Jason there was the hint of some discomfort, yet reading their body languages, he sensed that they might become friends.  He had to fetch a chair from the kitchen for himself.  Jason went inside and brought out two teas and gave them to Luigi and Jason.
“This is your tea, isn’t it?” Luigi asked Jason, touched.
“Well I can make myself another.  Go on, drink up.  It’s good for what ails you!”
“Which is?”
Jason winked salaciously, and Luigi felt himself colour.  For Heaven’s sake, not in front of the old ladies!  Dio!  Che scandalo!    

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Thursday, 20 December 2012


The Watcher lifted his binoculars and looked again at the tableau in the garden of the house on the other side of the block.  His heart began to beat and he felt dizzy.  For many heartbeats he could not believe what he was seeing.  The twink!  Right there.  Nearby.  God had delivered him into his hands.  All his doubts had been wrong.  It was a clear sign that God wanted him to go on with his work, to rid the world of these abominations.  He would get them all; the twink; his handsome friend; the old ladies too.  Father McAlister’s Irish burr sounded in his head.  Oh, good boy!
Tears trickling down his cheek, the binoculars falling unheeded to the floor, he fell to his knees and began to pray.

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Cody had been standing just out of sight behind Jason, feeling more and more uncomfortable.   He stepped forward, his expression bleak.
“Oh, there you are, Cody!  There’s bacon and toast in the kitchen.”  Eleanor had wondered whether Luigi and Cody would stay and was pleased that they had.
Cody was warmed at the genuine welcome in her voice.  He greeted both of the old ladies.
“I slept so late this morning as if I were young again on the razzle dancing till dawn but Mrs Cumberledge explained that it’s really jetlag so barbarous and tiresome but I feel much more alert than I did yesterday morning such a long flight even from Kuala Lumpur and dear Lucy Anstruthers looked after me so well but then I’m not as young as I used to be, am I?”  She smiled beatifically at them.  Cody was reassured by all this benevolent nonsense.  When he turned to look to see how Jason was taking it, he detected a small quirk to his lips which showed his amusement and affection.  Jason caught his gaze and their eyes locked for what seemed forever but could only have been one or two seconds. In the other man’s eyes Cody read attraction, goodwill, forgiveness, judgement.


Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

Saturday, 8 December 2012


There was cooked bacon in a dish on the table, covered with a cloth, and toast in the rack.
Jason went to door to the courtyard, where his grandmother and Eleanor Cumberledge were sitting.  “Good mornin’ Grandam.  Mornin’ Eleanor.”  He sounded more than normally English and aristocratic.
“Morning Jason!  How are you feeling this morning?”  Eleanor smiled with pleasure.
“Beaut, thank you.” 
Lucasta noticed the Australianism with amusement. 
“Um, sorry I didn’t clean up last night.  I meant to, and we got to talking and then  … it slipped my mind.”
“Oh, please don’t concern yourself with that, Jason,” entreated Eleanor.  “It was our party, anyway.”
“Where more than half the guests were me and my friends!”
“Well, next time, then.”  Eleanor waved the issue away.  “Help yourself to some bacon and toast and tea, and come out and join us.  It’s such a beautiful morning.”

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

Monday, 3 December 2012


Pic from this interesting piece

He turned to look at Luigi, whose slim androgynous body has been partially uncovered by his and Jason’s sitting up.  He felt an intense love for Luigi, and without stopping to think, bent down and kissed him on the shoulder. He looked up in time to see a sequence of emotions show in Jason’s face: surprise; approval; liking—and jealousy.
“I won’t wake him.  He can sleep for ages,” Cody said, disconcerted but nonetheless pleased.
“I know,” replied Jason with a smile which made his eyes glow. 
Of course you do, thought Cody, and for a moment it was his turn to be jealous.
“Come on,” urged Jason softly.  “Let’s go down and eat and leave gayboy here to sleep.”
They dressed in silence, but when they were on the way to the kitchen, Cody asked, “Why do you call him that.”
“It’s a sort of joke.  When we … our first time … it was like we were playing roles.  Me, a straight boy doing this for the first time, him a gay queen just interested in the sex.  But I’m not and he’s not.”
“He said you were very kind to him.”
“He was so sad.”  Jason put his hand on Cody’s arm.  “Don’t do that to him again, Cody.  He’s a … good man.  He loves you.  Don’t break his heart again.”
Cody looked down at the shining floor boards.  He had to drag his face up to meet Jason’s intense gaze.  It took all his courage. 
“I won’t,” he promised.  “I won’t.”  But saying at again made it seem less real, and he panicked as he felt Jason draw away in distaste or dislike.  Feeling tears come to his eyes, tears of shame and embarrassment and humiliation, he said, “I won’t.  I love him.”
“Good,” said Jason.  And he smiled.  But Cody saw the steel beneath the charm and felt his happiness start to fade.

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

Sunday, 2 December 2012


As I imagine Jason to look like (his character is his own: I've no idea what Marcus Mojo is like as a person.  He has a winsome smile.)

Saturday, 1 December 2012


They slept late, and were woken by the clatter of tea things and the smell of toast and bacon from the kitchen. 
“Blast!” said Jason, sitting up abruptly.  “I meant to do the tidying up and the washing up last night.  Bugger.”
Cody blinked open his eyes.  And then he gave Jason a smile of surpassing sweetness, and Jason decided all at once that he was going to like him.  “Sorry!” Jason said more quietly.  “I didn’t mean to wake you.”
“No worries. Got to get up some time.”  Cody yawned.  “Sorry.  Shouldn’t let a bloke see my tonsils.”
Jason grinned.  “I rather think that if we get up now, we can have breakfast.”  He yawned too.  “Would you like to have a shower?  I can get you a towel.”
“Thank you.  No.  Lou and I showered before we came.”
Showered? thought Jason.  After sex or instead of?  “No probs.  I’ll shower after brekker.  So we might as well go down now.”
Cody felt shy dressing in front of Jason.  Jason was everything Cody admired: handsome, manly, confident, straight-acting, muscular, sexy.  And kind.  In the normal course of events, they might have fucked last night and been embarrassed and cool with each other this morning.  But even though Cody saw all the qualities which would usually have turned him into a gibbering wreck of lust and self abasement, the peace from the night before stemming from his recognition of God’s love for him was still with him, and what he felt wasn’t lust at all, but a kind of hero-worship.  Which made him horribly shy.  Yet it wasn’t a humiliating emotion, but homely: the shyness which comes at the beginning of an intense friendship, the shyness you know will lead in the end to intimacy.  He had no idea of sex, and he wasn’t conscious of desire.  Just of a kind of exalted friendship.

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

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