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Tuesday, 29 November 2016


“You can’t just walk off like that!  After accusing me of neglect and incompetence!”

Very quietly, Jason hissed, “There are two men out there whose lives are in danger.  Who might die because the police screwed up.  And while they get further and further away you are wasting time having an argument with us?  You are angry because I have told you some home truths.  I am livid because my friends are about to get murdered. While you do nothing. ‘Uphold the right’ it says on your badge.  What are you going to do, Sergeant Kaminski? Are you going to do your job, or are you going to arrest us, waste time by taking us down to the station and filling out forms?”  He paused to let that sink in.  “Now, if you would be so good as to move your foot, we would like to go home.”

For a long time, the sergeant glared at Jason and then sighed.  “Don’t get involved,” he said.   He was brave enough to meet Jason’s implacable blue gaze.  “Yeah, I know we screwed up.  And I’m really sorry.  But we’re still better at it than you amateurs would be.”

Keith could see that Jason was still angry, but he smiled at the policeman, a trifle tightly, but a smile all the same.  “I’m sorry, sergeant, for losing my temper.  We’re very worried.  I know it’s not because of you personally. I apologise.”

The policeman nodded.  “We’ll do our best.  I promise.”

Jason lifted his lips off his teeth.  No one would call it a smile.  “Just save our friends.” 

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