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Thursday, 17 October 2013


Luigi scrolled through the list of contacts on his phone until he found Colin’s number. 
“Hi, Colin!  How are you?  It’s Luigi.  Cody’s”—he hesitated for an instant—“lover.”  That’s what I am, he thought, even if I am also his friend.
“I was wondering about how he was.”
“Things are tough, Colin.”  Luigi didn’t want to go into details, not with Cody listening.
“Colin, Cody thinks he’s seen the killer.  We took some photos of the car and we have the number plate.”
“Did a detective talk to Cody?”
“Yes,” said Luigi, “but, well, we don’t trust them.  We trust you.  And anyway,  maybe Cody was wrong and then they wouldn’t listen to us if we were to see him again.  So I thought we ought to let you know and maybe you can tell us who owns that car.”
“Well, I can’t really.  That’s private information.  But I tell you what I will do.  I’ll look it up and see who it is and maybe go and have a shifty, see where he lives and works, that sort of thing.”
“We should come with you.”
“Not a good idea.  This is a police matter.  You’re … well, don’t want to be rude, but … you’re amateurs.”
“He’s going to do it again,” said Luigi quietly.
“I know.  So I’m going to do some research and then come into the city.  I’ll come and talk to you two about what you saw.”

“Thank you,” said Luigi, realising it would be useless to argue.

Episodes 1 to 460 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter) 

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


“Did you get it?” demanded Luigi. 
“Yes. It was YIZ___”
“Lemme write that down.  Just in case we forget or the photos didn’t come out.”
“Let’s see the photos.”
They were clear enough.  A grey Toyota Corolla.  In one of them, the man’s profile was visible.
“Is it him?” asked Luigi, passing over his phone to Cody.
Cody inspected the image very closely.  “Can we make it bigger?” he asked.  “Focus on the face?”
Luigi fiddled with the phone.  “It’s so small.  Maybe, we can take it home and I’ll transfer to my computer, with its bigger screen.”
When they got home, the results were inconclusive. 
“I could’ve sworn it was him,” Cody said, but there was doubt in his voice.  “And if it was him, where’s his Kombi?”
“Well, maybe,” reasoned Luigi, “maybe he likes to use the Corolla for everyday stuff and the Kombi for when he … you know …” He faltered.
“Fuck! I thought we had him!”
“We might still do.”  Luigi paced up and down his tiny sitting room in excitement.
“No good going to those detectives.  They couldn’t give a flying fuck about gay blokes.  But why don’t we talk to that cop from Macedon.   He was really nice and he cared.  What was his name again?”

“Colin.  I’ll never forget it.”

Episodes 1 to 460 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter) 

Tuesday, 15 October 2013


Luigi flung down a $20 note on the counter inside and fled.  The waitress ran after him with the change, but by then they had disappeared.
The man walked briskly along the pavement, stepping around the tables and chairs outside the pavement cafés.  He turned down a side street.  Luigi and Cody followed cautiously, trying to peer round the building on the corner like cats.  He stopped next to a car and they heard the keys beep as he opened the door. 
“Memorise the numberplate!” ordered Luigi, while he himself stepped out onto the pavement and lifted his mobile for a photo.

The car pulled out and moved away fast.  Luigi took several photographs as it disappeared into the distance.

Episodes 1 to 460 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter) 

Tuesday, 1 October 2013


Ted Bundy

The sweat on Luigi’s skin froze.
“Where? Can he see you?” he asked in a whisper.
Cody just shook his head.  He was looking directly behind Luigi.
Luigi moved his chair a little and turned his head to look in the direction Cody was staring.  There was a skinny middle-aged man with grey hair walking along the pavement away from them.
“I’m going to follow him,” declared Luigi.  “To find out where he’s from.”
“Oh, God, Lou!  He’ll try and get you too!”
Luigi was filled with a cold deep rage.  The thought of what the killer had done to Cody, to the body and soul of the man he loved more than anyone went to his bones and guts.  He would stalk this monster and punish him.  Impractical notions of gunslinger battles filled his head and then a cool realism damped them down.  He would follow this man to his car or his home.  And he would take a photo with his mobile phone of the man and his car or his destination wherever that was.  The police would have him then.
“No he won’t,” Luigi said confidently.  “No way.  He hasn’t seen me before.”
“Then I’m going to come with you!” Cody was still pale and greenish but he looked better.
“Don’t be dumb!  He knows you!”
“I’ll wear your dark glasses.  Anyway, you’re not leaving me here alone with him around.  Don’t, Lou!  Please don’t leave me alone.”
Luigi was torn.  It really wasn’t safe for Cody to accompany him.  Surely the killer knew him with a perverted profound intimacy?  But Cody looked so disturbed at the mere thought that he would be left alone that Luigi gave in.

“C’mon then.  But let me quickly pay.”

Episodes 1 to 460 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter) 
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