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Sunday, 15 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 339

 “Lou … I don't think I'll be able to have sex again. It … after … him … it seems … I just can't.�?
Luigi hugged him closer. “It doesn't matter, Coads. When it feels right, then we can do it.�?
What if it never feels right, Lou?�? Cody sounded desperately sad and downcast but also matter of fact, as if he were facing a bleak and unavoidable reality.
It will, one day. When you love someone enough, you can … overcome … big obstacles.�?
But what if … Lou …. what if it was my fault that all this happened to me?�?
Your fault?�?
How can it be your fault?�? Despite himself, Luigi was feeling nettled. What the fuck was Cody saying? What did he mean?
Well … I mean … if I hadn't been there, in that pub, he wouldn't have got me.�? He stopped for three or four breaths. Luigi waited. When Cody next spoke he was close to inaudible. “I'd still be all right. Everything would be all right.�?
He would have taken someone else. Fuck it, Coads, that man is a monster.�?
Yes, but … if I hadn't been out whoring … if I'd stayed at home with Phillippa ...�?

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