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Monday, 25 June 2012

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Saturday, 23 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 332

 “What about his job? Can he go back to it?�?
Well, he can try. But … he's been away for four or five days and he hasn't called in to say he would be sick. And if they phoned his wife to find out if he was OK, then they still wouldn't know because she didn't know.�? He stopped for a minute. “Maybe … maybe I can get a medical certificate. From the doctor who examined him. I dunno. It's going to come out some time. And when it does, his employers won't take it well.�?
But it's not his fault!�? cried Jason.
They won't give this as the reason. Oh, no! They'll say he wasn't doing his job properly or something. And in the office …. His mates will start avoiding him.�?
Well …�? Jason paused for a think, “ ...what about getting a certificate anyway. Just in case he does want to keep his job. And maybe it won't come out for a while by which time they'll have forgotten that he took four days off. And anyway, two of those days were on the weekend.�?
That just makes it look as if he took a long weekend.�?
Yeah. I don 't know what to do.�?
Well, first, phone the doctor. Get him to post you a certificate.�? When Luigi hesitated, Jason prodded him in his rock hard tummy. “Go on, gayboy. Make yourself useful!�?

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 331

Eleanor cornered Jason in the corridor.
Does Cody have anywhere to stay?�? she whispered to him.
Prolly with Luigi. I dunno.�?
Well, if he hasn't anywhere, he can stay here. I have another spare bedroom.�?
Jason took her hand. “You're too good,�? he said. He leaned forward and kissed her on the cheek. “I'll talk to Lou. See what he's thinking.�?
He went back into the sitting-room.
Lou,�? he said, when Cody's attention was distracted for a moment by Keith, “will Cody be staying with you? 'Cos Eleanor has offered to put him up if you don't want him to stay with you.�?
Luigi looked startled. “Bugger. I hadn't even thought of that.�? He ruminated for a minute or two. “Yeah, well he's welcome to stay. I … I still love him. And he needs me. But he shouldn't be alone. One of us should always be with him.�?
Jason was absurdly warmed by the 'us'.

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 330

Cody took the phone. He was dazed and exhausted by all that had happened to him. It took Deborah a minute or two to get him to understand who she was and what she was going to do.
I can't afford a lawyer,�? he said at last.
We're doing this pro bono. So there'll be no fee.�?
Why?�? asked Cody bluntly. Why were these people helping him?
We think you've been through enough. Peter Apfelbrot specifically requested that. He's one of the senior partners of the business.�?
I …�? Cody started to weep again. Silently. He couldn't speak. Wordlessly he returned the mobile to Luigi.
Turning into the corner of the room to get some privacy, Luigi said, “He's a bit …upset. I'll ring you when the 'tecs call. Thank you for doing this, Deborah.�?
It's my pleasure.�? She meant it. Luigi wondered once again that human beings could be so vastly different. On the one hand, a ruthless, perverted killer. On the other, so much kindness, so many generosities.
Swallowing a lump in his throat, he again thanked her before ending the call.

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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 329

Almost immediately his phone rang again. “Is that Luigi DiPietro?�? It was a woman's voice.
Yes it is. Who's this, please?�?
G'day. I'm Deborah Coulter from Coor, Apfelbrot, Kanastides and Simpson. Peter Apfelbrot asked me to be with Cody Williams at his police interviews.�?
Ah. Good to hear from you.�?
Have the Homicide Squad contacted you yet?�?
No. Colin—the policeman from Macedon who took the interview—just phoned to tell me that he couldn't get police protection for Cody.�?
We'll see about that!�? said Deborah briskly. “Does Mr Williams have a mobile?�?
He did. But the killer took it. So for now, phone me if you want to talk to him.�?
May I speak with him now?�?
'Course!�? Luigi handed the phone over to Cody. “It's the lawyer we talked about,�? he said.

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 328

Everybody had been up since the crack of dawn, and everybody was hungry and tired, even Lucasta, who'd had a nap. Mostly they ate and drank, and most of the conversations were silent.
Luigi's mobile rang. It was Colin, the policeman from Macedon.
I've spoken to detectives. They'll be ringing you shortly. Are you still with Cody Williams?�?
Yeah.�? Luigi didn't want to explain what had happened.
I couldn't get a police guard. I'm sorry. I really tried.�?
Of course you couldn't, thought Luigi bitterly, why would they protect a homo?
As if Colin had read his thoughts, he said, “I've spoken to Michael, you know the bloke who found Cody ...�?
“ … yeah, I remember ...�?
... and he's found someone to go with you to the interviews. I'm sorry … I'm sorry that's even necessary. It shouldn't be. Mr Williams is the victim here.�?
Luigi was silent. Then he chided himself not to be churlish. It wasn't Colin's fault. After many heartbeats' silence, he said, softly, “You did your best. Don't worry. We'll look after him. Are the 'tecs going to phone me?�?
Yeah. And so is the woman from Michael's dad's firm. Her name is … �? Luigi heard the rustle of paper, “ … Deborah Coulter.�?
Thank you again, Colin.�?
Let me know what happens, won't you?�?
Yeah. See ya later.�? Luigi ended the call.

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Friday, 15 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 327

From GayTwogether

But he knew also that he was attracted to women. He liked women and found them sexy. Prolly he could never have a marriage and kids. He was pozz after all. It wouldn't be right to have unprotected
sex and he didn't know any way you could have unprotected sex and also make babies. His life was what it was, and he couldn't wind time backwards and change things. For good or evil, he was here now, he was what he was and he had to pay the price for what had happened to him.
But he thought Cody might well be mostly straight. How would he be able to stay with Luigi? And maybe his wife would have him back? Would he start cheating on Luigi with women? Luigi had said that that was what the straight-acting blokes in his life ended up doing—loving him and then going off with a woman. And Cody had already showed what he was capable of. He'd cheated on his wife. And had gone on picking up guys at pubs after Luigi had told him to fuck off. How else had the Macedon killer been able to find him?
When Keith had had sex with the married men who'd frequented the beats, he hadn't judged them. Most of them were fat and old and plain and without much joy in their lives, it seemed to him. They'd been kind to him and gentle, happy with simple uncomplicated vanilla sex. So he'd made a point of listening to their problems and making them feel special and loved. He didn't think of this as hypocritical. It was his job. No different, in a way, from being in hospitality.
Cody was different. He was handsome, muscular, hot. Very hot. Keith watched him from under his eyelashes and thought that spruced up and happy, Cody would be very sexy indeed. He would be able to pick up anybody. Anywhere. And since he'd already proved himself incapable of fidelity, Keith decided looking after Luigi would be necessary. And so, he was going to stay in both their lives.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 326

As he munched sandwiches and sipped tea, Keith was like Jason also thinking about Cody and Luigi. He knew better than to believe in 'in love'. Jason was far more romantic than he was. Keith had been a whore. He thought sex was pleasurable, sometimes intensely so. He loved making love to his friends, to Tom, to Esmé. He loved Tom very deeply. But it wasn't 'in love', that treacherous but seductive state which has more to do with chemicals and electricity than profound affection from deep in your heart. He admitted to himself that he was half 'in love' with Jason. But Jason was also his friend, as well as being sexy and desirable. He felt much the same now about Luigi. At first, he'd been hostile and afterwards still reserved. But now he loved Luigi as much as he loved Jason. He adored them both.
Like Jason, he too was willing to welcome Cody into their charmed circle.
But … he himself was bisexual. Maybe, if he hadn't had to earn his living by selling sex, maybe if he'd been an ordinary bloke who'd ended up with a nice normal nine-to-five job and a wife and kids he wouldn't have known that he was capable of loving and lusting after men. He supposed that if he'd lived at a time when being a homo was criminal he would have set aside his desires for men, his love and affection for men, and been happy to be an apparently straight married guy. But over the years he'd conceived a loathing for the religious bigotry that denied him and people like him the right to be what they were, to be loved, even the right to life itself. When he thought of Tom and Jason and Luigi, and how fine they were, he would feel a slow-burning anger build in him, a determination not to have a key part of his life dictated by the thin-lipped. He had no intention of pretending to be straight just to keep those drongos quiet.

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Monday, 11 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 325

It wasn't that he'd stopped loving Brent. He thought of him every day. The grief—and the guilt and shame for how he'd treated him, how he'd let him down—hadn't gone away. Yet Luigi had helped him past agony into acceptance. Luigi's own vulnerabilities, his own problems, had brought out Jason's protective instincts, and had made his own pain less profound. He was very fond of Luigi. No, he thought, as he watched Luigi and Cody together, he loved Luigi. It wasn't the same intensity as it had been with Brent. With him, they'd been lovers and best friends and in love as well. He wasn't 'in love' with Luigi. But he felt a deep affection and concern for him. He'd never expected to find love at all after Brent. And he had. He cared for and about Luigi and he knew Luigi returned the sentiments. It was love. There weren't enough words in English to describe all the different kinds of love human beings could have for each other. But he knew that what Luigi felt for Cody was 'in love'. Maybe there was friendship and affection and companionship too, but he wasn't sure. Sometimes you fell in love with such unsuitable people, people who were selfish or ungenerous or solipsistic, people who didn't expand you but narrowed you.
Cody needed looking after, Jason accepted that. But Luigi needed to be cared for too. When he and Keith had talked about it, with words and with their eyes, he'd known that Keith felt the same way he did: that the best way to look after Luigi was to keep him close. And if that meant that Cody had to join their band of brothers, they'd do their best to help him fit in. They were not about to cool their friendship with Luigi, and Cody came with Luigi and that was that.
Luigi's thoughts, though, were obscured behind his black-olive eyes. Jason decided that he would find out what they were.

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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 324

The young men had barely sat down before Bolt raced to the door barking. He always confounded visitors because he heard them before they had a chance to knock. It was Luigi.
He stamped in, his shiny black eyes sharp with anger and worry. Staring crossly at Cody, he said, “I
told you to come round to my gran's house! Why'd you walk off like that? I was worried sick!�?
Jason reached over and pulled Luigi into a hug. “Calm down, gayboy. Cody's here now. He's safe. He's with us.�?
Cody just stared at Luigi, and he looked so sad and lost and without hope that Luigi at once stopped being angry. He pushed away Jason's protective arms and walked over to Cody.
Idiot,�? he said roughly, his voice catching. “C'mere.�?
They were in each other's arms when Eleanor and Lucasta came through from the kitchen with an old-fashioned tea trolley laden with sandwiches, biscuits, cake and tea.
You must be Luigi,�? said Eleanor placidly, as she manoeuvred the trolley up against the sitting room wall. “How nice to meet you!�?
Luigi suddenly turned all Italian, bent over her hand and kissed it, before producing one or two phrases in Italian then exclaiming, “Thank you signora for finding my Cody! It makes me so happy.�?
Fraud!�? whispered Keith into Jason's ear.
Jason winked at him. Eleanor disclaimed all credit, referring the praise to Jason. Luigi gave Jason a heart-melting smile, and Jason felt his cock stir in his trunks. We probably won't fuck again, he thought, and was filled with melancholy. Cody's gain—and Luigi's gain too, honesty forced him to add—was his own loss.

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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 323

Jason followed her through to the kitchen. “Can I help, Mrs C.?�?
I think you'd better stay with your friends. I think he—Cody—needs looking after just now. I'll manage!�? She smiled at him. He was so likable. She hoped he would stay for ages with her. She felt young again. All these vigorous young people around. Of course, they had their traumas and dramas, but they lived so intensely. And she was so glad Cody had been found and was safe. She herself had never broken her marriage vows but she didn't judge others who had. The bitter fruit of her selfishness with Bart had made her less critical, less self-righteous.
In a moment Lucasta came through to the kitchen.
Now what can I do my dear so hungry young people hollow legs though that sounds so odd when you think about it like Pinocchio you know all wood.�?
Eleanor set her to buttering bread while she herself took out the good tea things, the Wedgewood and the Spode teapot and poured hot water into the pot to warm it.
Now who is who I'm lost apart from dear Jason of course I'm not quite senile yet but there are so many aren't there?�?
Well, I only met them this morning myself. They are all Jason's friends.�?
Except for Cody even though Jason called him a friend I could see you know a certain stiffness but maybe I'm wrong.�? While she spoke, she efficiently and briskly buttered bread, her hands moving like a knitter's quite independent of her thoughts and speech.
It's a long story,�? replied Eleanor to the implied question. “Jason will tell you. We discussed it while you were having your nap. But he needs special care right now, poor lamb.�?

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Friday, 8 June 2012

Footy, chapter 32


 “G'day.�? Sean couldn't meet Emma's eyes. His mind kept going back to their last meeting, to what had nearly happened. It wasn't as if he didn't feel that it was all OK. It was, with him, and with her, he was sure. They had crossed some vital threshold, and there was no going back. That was all settled. But he was uncertain about how you dealt with a friend, a good friend, someone you liked but still in some ways an unknown. He had never connected so quickly with someone before. He was still surprised by it, by how she and he had reached across the gulf between them for Will's sake.
He had never had a best friend. He'd always been too ashamed of himself, of his family, of the succession of shabby homes he'd lived in. And though he wasn't aware of it, the impression he gave to others kept people from attempting intimacy. Will had been drawn to him precisely because he seemed so tough and brutal. It had been a while before Sean had known he was in love, despite their physical intimacy. Sean had never really had an equal relationship with a woman. He'd never been in love before. He'd half-despised the women who were in love with him. And he'd never seen them as friends, even though he'd wanted them and needed the sex with them. What he felt for Emma was entirely new. 
“Come in. I'll just be a minute.�? Emma had tried to talk herself into commonsense and ease before Sean arrived—she knew she would feel shy in his presence—but it hadn't worked. Everything she has planned to say went out of her head. But even though she was tongue-tied, she knew what she wanted now. She had no idea how they were going to make it work. And even though she was shy with him, she didn't feel uncomfortable. She was reassured to see that Sean was diffident. He'd seemed so strong and capable that it was comforting to know that he was human after all. And it was good to know that she wasn't the only one wondering where to look and what to say and what to do with her hands. 
“Yeah, roight. A minute!�? Sean's tone was sly and slightly mocking, glad to tease, filled with affection. 
“Behave, poltroon.�? Immediately she'd spoken, she felt she'd made a fool of herself. What did this man know about Shakespeare? 
But Sean's eyes were dancing. “I am not a... what you said.�? He knew she wasn't trying to make herself out to be cleverer or better educated than he was. He trusted her. This was another new feeling. A small knot of fear and anger untangled itself inside him.

Read the rest here.

Majorca Flats -- 322

We've found Cody.�?
Where? I've been looking everywhere. I was worried sick. How did you find him? What was he doing? Is he all right?�?
We'll discuss it loiter. Just get here as quick as ya can.�?
Where are you?�?
At Jason's ploice. Majorca Flats.�? He gave Luigi the address and disconnected.
He's on his woi.�?
Who?�? asked Eleanor.
Luigi,�? answered Jason. “You remember? We were talking about him just before we started to look for Cody.�?
Ah, yes,�? replied Eleanor, still not clear in her mind who was who and who was who's special friend. What a silly phrase, she thought. Like 'walking out'. All these euphemisms for 'love' and 'lover'. Lovers and friends. How different to her childhood. But rather refreshing, in truth. Pushing all these thoughts out of her mind, she went through to the kitchen to make sandwiches and tea. Reliable comforts in uncertain times.

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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 321

Inside, Lucasta Ellesmere was awake, looking a bit groggy.
My dear, I found your note how interesting I didn't expect you back for ages and ages such a big place to go looking.�? She glanced sharply at Cody, whose eyes were red and who was still hiccuping and gasping. She was too well mannered to force an introduction but Jason saw the look and said, “Gran, this is Cody. He's … ,�? he paused for a moment, “ … a friend of ours. Cody, this is my gran, Lucasta Ellesmere.�?
Delighted I'm sure, Cody,�? said Lucasta, “always a pleasure to meet Jason's friends and he seems to have made so many here in Australia such a friendly place so quickly though he's always had that capability you know even at school he had so many friends especially at a time like this.�? She looked triumphantly at everyone when she'd finished this speech. Cody stared back, bewildered. It was all too much. Seeing his discombobulation, Jason turned to Eleanor and said, “Tea, do you think?�?
Quite,�? she replied. “And some food. Sandwiches would be just the thing. Have you eaten, Cody?�? Her voice was calm and sensible and unjudgemental.
Cody shook his head, unable to speak in the face of such disinterested kindness. But would they still like him if they knew what he was, what he'd done, and what had happened to him?

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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 320

From Troy Caperton's blog

Don't!" said Jason into Cody's ear, as his tears flowed even faster. “You're with friends, now."  He pulled him closer, his arms firm and comforting.
Come inside, everyone. This calls for more tea. What an exciting day we're having." Eleanor didn't know quite how to deal with this stranger's weeping.
I'll just phone Lou," said Keith.
Cody shook his head.
What? He loves ya! He's worried silly about ya!"

It's just … I … I don't deserve him. I …. oh, God! It's been horrible!" Cody ground out been hiccups and sobs.
Come on," said Jason very gently, treating him as if he were a small boy, not a grown man, as if he himself were still a prefect at school. “Let's go inside."
They crossed back across the road.
As the door closed behind them, a kombi roared up the road towards the high street.

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Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 319

Cody looked at Jason with wonder. “Yes, I am Cody. But … ,�? suspicion replaced wonder, “ … how did you know? Who are you?�?
Oh! I'm Jason. I'm a friend of Lou's. You are Luigi's Cody, aren't you?�?
Yes, but … how … what's going on?�? Into his mind came the memory that Luigi had mentioned Jason that morning, when they'd stopped at the service station on the freeway. He felt a spike of anger, but it was quickly replaced by indifference. He shrugged.
Lou just phoned, ten minutes ago. He was worried sick about you. He said he'd gone round to your house and … your wife ...�? Here Jason faltered. He turned to the car, “Hey, we've found Cody! This is Cody!�?
Keith opened the car door and stood in the doorway space. “What? Ya sure, mite?�?
Eleanor opened her door and Jason crossed the road to help her out. He took hold of Cody's hand to take him with him. Cody felt again the comfort of another human being's warmth, of the contact of skin against skin, and it broke through the cold reserve he'd been building around his heart. He started to cry.
Jason pulled him close. “It's over now, mate,�? he murmured, forgetting to be English just for that moment. “You're safe. He'll never get you. We'll look after you. You'll be OK.
Cody, meet my friends Keith and Eleanor Cumberledge.�?

Welcome to Majorca Flats, Cody,�? said Eleanor, wondering how her life had managed to become so full of incident and people so quickly. Before Jason had turned up, she'd often been lonely. Now, not only was he around, but his friends were too. With a brief stab of sorrow she remembered that if she'd done things differently, she'd have had Bart and all his friends. His husband, maybe. Grandchildren. She shook her head to clear it of these unwelcome recollections.

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 318

Cody had started to walk, without purpose, slowly plodding along the road. He heard the VW engine again and instinctively turned to face the houses, pretending to examine the flowers in a rose bush which clambered over a picket fence. The Kombi's engine geared down, for the corner, but Cody didn't know that. He panicked and ran back the way he'd come.
He ran full tilt into the blond man's arms.
Lemme go!�? he cried. “Please let me go! He's …. I'm … Oh God!�?
You all right?�? The blond man tightened his arms round Cody. “It's OK. You're safe with me.�?
Cody started to weep.
The blond man was speaking. At first, it made no sense at all to Cody. “Look, I know this is probably a really, really stupid question, but … your name isn't by any chance Cody, is it? Only, it's just that …. no. It's a stupid question! Sorry.�?

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Sunday, 3 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 317

As they drove up the street towards the main road, Jason felt an obscure feeling nag at him.
Key,�? he said. “Just stop for a second.�?
I … have a bad feeling about that guy there on the pavement.�?
We don't have a lot of time,�? said Keith, not slowing at all.
Key …. It'll only take a minute. You can turn here before the end of the road. Go on, Key love, I really feel very weird about it.�?
Keith kept going.
Oh, all rightthen!�? Ungraciously, Keith swerved over to the side of the road, narrowly missing a woman on a bike, who gave him the finger and shouted at him before wobbling off.
As he put on his indicator to turn right out into the traffic, a Kombi passed the other way, its engine straining as it accelerated down the road towards the far corner.
I've seen that bloke before,�? remarked Eleanor. “He shouldn’t drive so fast down this street. It's not a racetrack!�?

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Friday, 1 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 316

He'd left the door to garage open. His special room was well concealed, but only if the bookcase door was closed. There was the real door into the garage, and over it second door made to look like a bookcase and shelves. It wasn't just pretend books but a real bookcase, hinged on one side and weighted so it fell back against the wall when it was closed. And he'd left it open, unlocked! How stupid! Maybe no one would come into the house but maybe they were already watching him. He had to get back.
He'd learnt how to do carpentry at the Home. Father McAlister had taught him. The Watcher was proud of his skills. He had kitted out the Kombi so he could reward some of the boys from the Home by taking them camping.
He flipped on the indicator and waited until the road was clear so he could make a u-turn. A tram trundled past, and then there was a string of cars. Come on! he thought. By all the Saints, hurry up! I must get back to close that door.
His stomach churned and he felt acid surge up his oesophagus. He would have some Rennies when he got home. After he had closed that door.
He heard God speaking, with Father McAlister's Irish lilt. “Failure,�? He said. “Failure!�?

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Majorca Flats -- 315

 “Excuse me, we need to get into the car.�?
Cody looked up at the speaker. He was a good-looking blond, with the build of a sportsman, narrow waist, broad shoulders, his eyes sky-blue. He'd spoken with an English accent. He had a kind face. Help me, Cody wanted to say. Please help me. But … he was on his own, now. No one would help him.
No worries, mate,�? Cody said. He tried to stand up, but it was a struggle. The man reached out his hand, and helped him. His hand was big and warm and strong. It felt good to hold it, to have the connection. Once again, Cody was tempted to speak. But he resisted it. How many times could an unexpected saviour appear? Once was miraculous. Twice …. impossible.
He watched in despair as the blond bloke, another man, and an old lady got into the car and drove away.

Image from Masterfile

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