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Thursday, 5 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 334

Louis XIII, bisexual King of France

Luigi went back into the living room to talk to Cody. He was deep in conversation with Lucasta Ellesmere.
So my dear I said to him that if that was his opinion of course he was entitled to it it's a free country though not with those ultra-nationalists who are they I forget so vulgar. But really! Canon Green would give him a gentle rebuke you know so kind and wise and insightful but what I wanted to say was that you must come and stay with me and Parker and Mr Minim in London soon it'll be such a pleasure to have you and you can tell him yourself about it you know that piece in the Bible about donkeys. Or is it wine? I get so muddled sometimes. Do say you'll come and bring Jason too and your beautiful young man such a pleasure.�?
Cody was smiling a little. “How kind! I've never been to London. I'd love to come and bring Luigi.�?
Such a beautiful name I always preferred it to the French version all those kings, Louis one after the other so tricky to remember at school and I always got muddled and then Miss Lavers would get cross though she was quite a sweetie really and would let us senior girls have tea with her every so often and I remember she had the most deliciousseed cake and a photo of her young man killed in the Great War such a pointless waste I think if women ran the world it would be a better place and I said that to Lillibet when last I had tea there her cooks do make the most scrumptious eclairs though I suppose we shouldn't eat all that stuff just live on lettuce leaves so dull.�?
She smiled anxiously at Cody, not quite sure whether her prattle was helping.
On impulse, he took her hand in his and squeezed it.
I’m sorry,�? he said, “that I'm not more talkative. I've been through some bad times recently.�?

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