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Tuesday, 6 August 2013


At eleven, when Jason started making time-to-go noises, Keith said,
“Hang on a tick.  I’ll come with you.  It’s not very busy. I’ll just go and talk to Tom.”
Jason stayed at the bar while Keith went out the back to Tom.
Tom came out with Keith.
“Look after Keitho, Jace.  With this murderer around.”  From which Jason gathered that Keith had told Tom all about Luigi and Cody and what had happened.
“With my life,” he replied, holding Tom’s gaze, no hint of a smile.
Tom’s eyes glinted. 
“Good.”  He shook Jason’s hand, the first time he’d done so, and then he kissed Keith deeply on the mouth in front of the whole bar.  It should have looked odd, a 50-plus man passionately kissing someone half his age, but instead Jason was absurdly touched.  We blokes think a lot about sex, he thought, but it’s love that connects us.  And then, but we do have complicated love lives.
On the pavement outside, Keith said,
“You want to go to my place instead of yours? It’s closer.  And more private.”
“Well, yeah, normally, but now that grandam is here, I’d like to see her for breakfast.”
“What about me?  Us?  Won’t she … you knaow?”
Jason stopped and turned to look at him.  He brushed his finger across Keith’s lips.

“She’s happy for me,” he said.  “She really truly accepts me.  She and my sister were the only people who understood about Brent and me.  It’ll be OK.”

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