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Thursday, 19 July 2012

Majorca Flats -- 340

But Coads … you're gay.�?
No!�? Cody shook his head vigorously. “No, I'm not gay.�?
Luigi was starting to get angry as well as depressed. “You liked it well enough when we had sex,�? he said, letting go of Cody and turning away.
Yeah. But I'm not gay.�?
OK. What are you?�?
I don't the fuck know, Lou. I'm … I dunno. I do love you, Lou, I do. But … but, Lou, what if what happened to me is a punishment. From God.�?
Do you believe God is good?�?
Yeah. I s'pose.�?
So why would He choose someone evil to do His bidding?�?
I dunno, Lou. I just feel maybe if I'd been straight … then ...�?
I thought you weren't gay?�?
I'm not. But … it's a no brainer … I'm prolly not straight. I don't know, Lou.  I don't know anything any more.�?
You need to talk to Key and Jace. They're not 100% gay either. Key … I think Keith is half in love with Esmé, who works in the café next door to the pub. But he also loves Tom and … Coads … he's my friend too.�?

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