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Monday, 29 April 2013


“Come!” he said softly.  “Let’s go.  My pad is just round the corner.”
As she locked the street door, even though she wasn’t looking at him, she was conscious of him next to her, his presence solid and … male …. yet not her father.  Good.  Reassuring.  Comforting.  Fitting.
His flat was big.  Almost as big as the whole house she and Luke shared.  It was on the top floor of a Victorian or Federation house, with tall windows looking out on the street outside. 
“Sorry for the mess,” he apologised.
She shook her head.  There were clothes on the sofa, and small piles of books everywhere, as well as bookcases made of bricks and planks.  It felt like home, warm, accepting, unjudging, happy.
She felt unshed tears ready to fall.  Home.  This was what a home was like, not the prison she’d grown up in.  The walls here weren’t scented with fear and pain.  She swallowed hard.  She would not cry.  She would not.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013


It was another warm summer evening, the air scented with the odours of the city, of a city living life to the full.  The tunes from the jazz band in the café down along Brunswick Street drifted into air, magical and romantic.  Esmé had seen where the band played, in daylight, and it wasn’t at all romantic, the sofas worn and greasy, the walls stained, and the floor holed ancient lino.  Yet in the dim light at night, with the light glinting of the metal of the instruments, with a glass in your hand, somehow it all seemed glamorous and exciting. 
There in the tiny courtyard, the music was softened and muted by distance and the thick air.  There in the courtyard it seemed sheer magic, unspoilt by tawdry recollections, by reality.
The band was playing “Love is the Sweetest Thing” and Keith and Esmé were swaying slowly across the worm flagstones, their dance floor as private as any in the most expensive penthouse apartment.   The tepid air was filled with the orange-blossom scent of Chinese jasmine which grew with robust shiny green leaves over the weathered brick.  She could smell Keith’s Brut aftershave, his male body, his end-of-day armpits, the slight sourness on his breath from the wine.  She could feel his erection. 
When he kissed her, it was perfectly right.  

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

Monday, 8 April 2013


The watcher stood in a doorway across the road from Luigi’s block of flats, his gaze fixed on the window where he’d seen Cody walk across and then look out into the street.   He knew where the twink was.  He could get him whenever he left the flat.  He’d have to be careful though.  There were people on the street.  Perhaps late at night, when they returned from eating or drinking with their little friends.  When they were at their most relaxed.  Not expecting an attack.
A passer-by looked at him and quickly averted his eyes.  There’s nothing wrong with me! the watcher thought, angrily, glaring at the other man’s disappearing back.  I do God’s work.  I rid the world of filth.  He heard Father McAllister’s approving burr.  Good lad!  
Nevertheless, a renewed caution made him go back to his car and drive away.  He did not want the police to start questioning him.  Not until he had dealt with the twink permanently.  After that, God would show him the way forward.  He knew now where they lived.  He had time.  Patience.  Patience.  All would be brought to him.

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

Saturday, 6 April 2013


“Yeah.”  Luigi nodded.  “I’m glad Jace found you, Co.  I couldn’t bear … you … I love you Cody … don’t … don’t … do something stupid.”
“You mean like kill myself?”  Cody’s voice was deeply ironic, bitter and sad all at the same time.
“Yeah.  Like kill yourself.”
“I won’t.  I think.   I … see, I thought about what had happened.  And I know this sounds stupid, Lou, but I feel that I was meant to escape, to live.  So many lucky things happened.  I mean—how likely is that?  But … what will become of me?  OK, I still have a job.  But … will I ever see my kids again?”
“You will.  I promise.”
Cody looked comforted but Luigi had no idea if he could make his promise come true.  He knew lawyers.  Friends of Richard.  The lawyer who’d drawn up Richard’s will and fought on his behalf in court when Richard’s family had contested the will.  Yeah.  He’d fight for Cody.  And Luigi would use Richard’s money to pay him.  He knew that was what Richard would have wanted.
His cock had gone flaccid and the cock-jacket hung on it loosely.  He took Cody’s hand and put it on his cock. 
Cody smiled a little sadly.  “What shall I do?”
“Anything you want.  Whatever.  Whatever doesn’t hurt.  How about a good old-fashioned wire-pull?”
Cody pulled him down onto the bedclothes and kissed him slowly, carefully, as if Luigi were something precious which might be damaged.   “I love you, Lou,” he breathed as his hand sought Luigi’s stiffening cock.
After, they lay entwined, the jizz on Luigi’s stomach sticky between them. 
They slept.

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

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