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Sunday, 17 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 329

Almost immediately his phone rang again. “Is that Luigi DiPietro?�? It was a woman's voice.
Yes it is. Who's this, please?�?
G'day. I'm Deborah Coulter from Coor, Apfelbrot, Kanastides and Simpson. Peter Apfelbrot asked me to be with Cody Williams at his police interviews.�?
Ah. Good to hear from you.�?
Have the Homicide Squad contacted you yet?�?
No. Colin—the policeman from Macedon who took the interview—just phoned to tell me that he couldn't get police protection for Cody.�?
We'll see about that!�? said Deborah briskly. “Does Mr Williams have a mobile?�?
He did. But the killer took it. So for now, phone me if you want to talk to him.�?
May I speak with him now?�?
'Course!�? Luigi handed the phone over to Cody. “It's the lawyer we talked about,�? he said.

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