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Friday, 15 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 327

From GayTwogether

But he knew also that he was attracted to women. He liked women and found them sexy. Prolly he could never have a marriage and kids. He was pozz after all. It wouldn't be right to have unprotected
sex and he didn't know any way you could have unprotected sex and also make babies. His life was what it was, and he couldn't wind time backwards and change things. For good or evil, he was here now, he was what he was and he had to pay the price for what had happened to him.
But he thought Cody might well be mostly straight. How would he be able to stay with Luigi? And maybe his wife would have him back? Would he start cheating on Luigi with women? Luigi had said that that was what the straight-acting blokes in his life ended up doing—loving him and then going off with a woman. And Cody had already showed what he was capable of. He'd cheated on his wife. And had gone on picking up guys at pubs after Luigi had told him to fuck off. How else had the Macedon killer been able to find him?
When Keith had had sex with the married men who'd frequented the beats, he hadn't judged them. Most of them were fat and old and plain and without much joy in their lives, it seemed to him. They'd been kind to him and gentle, happy with simple uncomplicated vanilla sex. So he'd made a point of listening to their problems and making them feel special and loved. He didn't think of this as hypocritical. It was his job. No different, in a way, from being in hospitality.
Cody was different. He was handsome, muscular, hot. Very hot. Keith watched him from under his eyelashes and thought that spruced up and happy, Cody would be very sexy indeed. He would be able to pick up anybody. Anywhere. And since he'd already proved himself incapable of fidelity, Keith decided looking after Luigi would be necessary. And so, he was going to stay in both their lives.

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