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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 328

Everybody had been up since the crack of dawn, and everybody was hungry and tired, even Lucasta, who'd had a nap. Mostly they ate and drank, and most of the conversations were silent.
Luigi's mobile rang. It was Colin, the policeman from Macedon.
I've spoken to detectives. They'll be ringing you shortly. Are you still with Cody Williams?�?
Yeah.�? Luigi didn't want to explain what had happened.
I couldn't get a police guard. I'm sorry. I really tried.�?
Of course you couldn't, thought Luigi bitterly, why would they protect a homo?
As if Colin had read his thoughts, he said, “I've spoken to Michael, you know the bloke who found Cody ...�?
“ … yeah, I remember ...�?
... and he's found someone to go with you to the interviews. I'm sorry … I'm sorry that's even necessary. It shouldn't be. Mr Williams is the victim here.�?
Luigi was silent. Then he chided himself not to be churlish. It wasn't Colin's fault. After many heartbeats' silence, he said, softly, “You did your best. Don't worry. We'll look after him. Are the 'tecs going to phone me?�?
Yeah. And so is the woman from Michael's dad's firm. Her name is … �? Luigi heard the rustle of paper, “ … Deborah Coulter.�?
Thank you again, Colin.�?
Let me know what happens, won't you?�?
Yeah. See ya later.�? Luigi ended the call.

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