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Saturday, 9 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 323

Jason followed her through to the kitchen. “Can I help, Mrs C.?�?
I think you'd better stay with your friends. I think he—Cody—needs looking after just now. I'll manage!�? She smiled at him. He was so likable. She hoped he would stay for ages with her. She felt young again. All these vigorous young people around. Of course, they had their traumas and dramas, but they lived so intensely. And she was so glad Cody had been found and was safe. She herself had never broken her marriage vows but she didn't judge others who had. The bitter fruit of her selfishness with Bart had made her less critical, less self-righteous.
In a moment Lucasta came through to the kitchen.
Now what can I do my dear so hungry young people hollow legs though that sounds so odd when you think about it like Pinocchio you know all wood.�?
Eleanor set her to buttering bread while she herself took out the good tea things, the Wedgewood and the Spode teapot and poured hot water into the pot to warm it.
Now who is who I'm lost apart from dear Jason of course I'm not quite senile yet but there are so many aren't there?�?
Well, I only met them this morning myself. They are all Jason's friends.�?
Except for Cody even though Jason called him a friend I could see you know a certain stiffness but maybe I'm wrong.�? While she spoke, she efficiently and briskly buttered bread, her hands moving like a knitter's quite independent of her thoughts and speech.
It's a long story,�? replied Eleanor to the implied question. “Jason will tell you. We discussed it while you were having your nap. But he needs special care right now, poor lamb.�?

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