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Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 320

From Troy Caperton's blog

Don't!" said Jason into Cody's ear, as his tears flowed even faster. “You're with friends, now."  He pulled him closer, his arms firm and comforting.
Come inside, everyone. This calls for more tea. What an exciting day we're having." Eleanor didn't know quite how to deal with this stranger's weeping.
I'll just phone Lou," said Keith.
Cody shook his head.
What? He loves ya! He's worried silly about ya!"

It's just … I … I don't deserve him. I …. oh, God! It's been horrible!" Cody ground out been hiccups and sobs.
Come on," said Jason very gently, treating him as if he were a small boy, not a grown man, as if he himself were still a prefect at school. “Let's go inside."
They crossed back across the road.
As the door closed behind them, a kombi roared up the road towards the high street.

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