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Thursday, 7 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 321

Inside, Lucasta Ellesmere was awake, looking a bit groggy.
My dear, I found your note how interesting I didn't expect you back for ages and ages such a big place to go looking.�? She glanced sharply at Cody, whose eyes were red and who was still hiccuping and gasping. She was too well mannered to force an introduction but Jason saw the look and said, “Gran, this is Cody. He's … ,�? he paused for a moment, “ … a friend of ours. Cody, this is my gran, Lucasta Ellesmere.�?
Delighted I'm sure, Cody,�? said Lucasta, “always a pleasure to meet Jason's friends and he seems to have made so many here in Australia such a friendly place so quickly though he's always had that capability you know even at school he had so many friends especially at a time like this.�? She looked triumphantly at everyone when she'd finished this speech. Cody stared back, bewildered. It was all too much. Seeing his discombobulation, Jason turned to Eleanor and said, “Tea, do you think?�?
Quite,�? she replied. “And some food. Sandwiches would be just the thing. Have you eaten, Cody?�? Her voice was calm and sensible and unjudgemental.
Cody shook his head, unable to speak in the face of such disinterested kindness. But would they still like him if they knew what he was, what he'd done, and what had happened to him?

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