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Monday, 4 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 318

Cody had started to walk, without purpose, slowly plodding along the road. He heard the VW engine again and instinctively turned to face the houses, pretending to examine the flowers in a rose bush which clambered over a picket fence. The Kombi's engine geared down, for the corner, but Cody didn't know that. He panicked and ran back the way he'd come.
He ran full tilt into the blond man's arms.
Lemme go!�? he cried. “Please let me go! He's …. I'm … Oh God!�?
You all right?�? The blond man tightened his arms round Cody. “It's OK. You're safe with me.�?
Cody started to weep.
The blond man was speaking. At first, it made no sense at all to Cody. “Look, I know this is probably a really, really stupid question, but … your name isn't by any chance Cody, is it? Only, it's just that …. no. It's a stupid question! Sorry.�?

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