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Sunday, 10 June 2012

Majorca Flats -- 324

The young men had barely sat down before Bolt raced to the door barking. He always confounded visitors because he heard them before they had a chance to knock. It was Luigi.
He stamped in, his shiny black eyes sharp with anger and worry. Staring crossly at Cody, he said, “I
told you to come round to my gran's house! Why'd you walk off like that? I was worried sick!�?
Jason reached over and pulled Luigi into a hug. “Calm down, gayboy. Cody's here now. He's safe. He's with us.�?
Cody just stared at Luigi, and he looked so sad and lost and without hope that Luigi at once stopped being angry. He pushed away Jason's protective arms and walked over to Cody.
Idiot,�? he said roughly, his voice catching. “C'mere.�?
They were in each other's arms when Eleanor and Lucasta came through from the kitchen with an old-fashioned tea trolley laden with sandwiches, biscuits, cake and tea.
You must be Luigi,�? said Eleanor placidly, as she manoeuvred the trolley up against the sitting room wall. “How nice to meet you!�?
Luigi suddenly turned all Italian, bent over her hand and kissed it, before producing one or two phrases in Italian then exclaiming, “Thank you signora for finding my Cody! It makes me so happy.�?
Fraud!�? whispered Keith into Jason's ear.
Jason winked at him. Eleanor disclaimed all credit, referring the praise to Jason. Luigi gave Jason a heart-melting smile, and Jason felt his cock stir in his trunks. We probably won't fuck again, he thought, and was filled with melancholy. Cody's gain—and Luigi's gain too, honesty forced him to add—was his own loss.

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