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Saturday, 8 December 2012


There was cooked bacon in a dish on the table, covered with a cloth, and toast in the rack.
Jason went to door to the courtyard, where his grandmother and Eleanor Cumberledge were sitting.  “Good mornin’ Grandam.  Mornin’ Eleanor.”  He sounded more than normally English and aristocratic.
“Morning Jason!  How are you feeling this morning?”  Eleanor smiled with pleasure.
“Beaut, thank you.” 
Lucasta noticed the Australianism with amusement. 
“Um, sorry I didn’t clean up last night.  I meant to, and we got to talking and then  … it slipped my mind.”
“Oh, please don’t concern yourself with that, Jason,” entreated Eleanor.  “It was our party, anyway.”
“Where more than half the guests were me and my friends!”
“Well, next time, then.”  Eleanor waved the issue away.  “Help yourself to some bacon and toast and tea, and come out and join us.  It’s such a beautiful morning.”

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