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Saturday, 1 December 2012


They slept late, and were woken by the clatter of tea things and the smell of toast and bacon from the kitchen. 
“Blast!” said Jason, sitting up abruptly.  “I meant to do the tidying up and the washing up last night.  Bugger.”
Cody blinked open his eyes.  And then he gave Jason a smile of surpassing sweetness, and Jason decided all at once that he was going to like him.  “Sorry!” Jason said more quietly.  “I didn’t mean to wake you.”
“No worries. Got to get up some time.”  Cody yawned.  “Sorry.  Shouldn’t let a bloke see my tonsils.”
Jason grinned.  “I rather think that if we get up now, we can have breakfast.”  He yawned too.  “Would you like to have a shower?  I can get you a towel.”
“Thank you.  No.  Lou and I showered before we came.”
Showered? thought Jason.  After sex or instead of?  “No probs.  I’ll shower after brekker.  So we might as well go down now.”
Cody felt shy dressing in front of Jason.  Jason was everything Cody admired: handsome, manly, confident, straight-acting, muscular, sexy.  And kind.  In the normal course of events, they might have fucked last night and been embarrassed and cool with each other this morning.  But even though Cody saw all the qualities which would usually have turned him into a gibbering wreck of lust and self abasement, the peace from the night before stemming from his recognition of God’s love for him was still with him, and what he felt wasn’t lust at all, but a kind of hero-worship.  Which made him horribly shy.  Yet it wasn’t a humiliating emotion, but homely: the shyness which comes at the beginning of an intense friendship, the shyness you know will lead in the end to intimacy.  He had no idea of sex, and he wasn’t conscious of desire.  Just of a kind of exalted friendship.

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