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Monday, 3 December 2012


Pic from this interesting piece

He turned to look at Luigi, whose slim androgynous body has been partially uncovered by his and Jason’s sitting up.  He felt an intense love for Luigi, and without stopping to think, bent down and kissed him on the shoulder. He looked up in time to see a sequence of emotions show in Jason’s face: surprise; approval; liking—and jealousy.
“I won’t wake him.  He can sleep for ages,” Cody said, disconcerted but nonetheless pleased.
“I know,” replied Jason with a smile which made his eyes glow. 
Of course you do, thought Cody, and for a moment it was his turn to be jealous.
“Come on,” urged Jason softly.  “Let’s go down and eat and leave gayboy here to sleep.”
They dressed in silence, but when they were on the way to the kitchen, Cody asked, “Why do you call him that.”
“It’s a sort of joke.  When we … our first time … it was like we were playing roles.  Me, a straight boy doing this for the first time, him a gay queen just interested in the sex.  But I’m not and he’s not.”
“He said you were very kind to him.”
“He was so sad.”  Jason put his hand on Cody’s arm.  “Don’t do that to him again, Cody.  He’s a … good man.  He loves you.  Don’t break his heart again.”
Cody looked down at the shining floor boards.  He had to drag his face up to meet Jason’s intense gaze.  It took all his courage. 
“I won’t,” he promised.  “I won’t.”  But saying at again made it seem less real, and he panicked as he felt Jason draw away in distaste or dislike.  Feeling tears come to his eyes, tears of shame and embarrassment and humiliation, he said, “I won’t.  I love him.”
“Good,” said Jason.  And he smiled.  But Cody saw the steel beneath the charm and felt his happiness start to fade.

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

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