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Friday, 21 December 2012


Luigi woke to the smells of breakfast and the sounds of chat and laughter drifting through the half-open window.  He threw off the bedclothes and pulled his jeans on over his thong.  He sniffed the armpits of his shirt.  A bit niffy.  Couldn’t be helped.  He went through to the bathroom and washed his face.  The smell of cooking reminded him of his grandmother, of staying at home, of being happy.  I’ll give it a go, he thought.  It’s not like I’m alone any more.  I have Jace and Key and maybe this whole thing with Cody will work out.  I’ll be happy.  I’ll make myself happy.
He traced the smell and conversation to the kitchen, and emerged into bright autumn sunlight.  As he was greeting and being greeted, he couldn’t help looking again and again at Cody to see how he was.  There was some reserve, some sadness and grief, but he looked far better than he had when Luigi had picked him up the day before (only one day ago!) in Mt Macedon.  Between him and Jason there was the hint of some discomfort, yet reading their body languages, he sensed that they might become friends.  He had to fetch a chair from the kitchen for himself.  Jason went inside and brought out two teas and gave them to Luigi and Jason.
“This is your tea, isn’t it?” Luigi asked Jason, touched.
“Well I can make myself another.  Go on, drink up.  It’s good for what ails you!”
“Which is?”
Jason winked salaciously, and Luigi felt himself colour.  For Heaven’s sake, not in front of the old ladies!  Dio!  Che scandalo!    

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