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Sunday, 23 December 2012


Lucasta saw the exchange and was both amused and touched by it.  Such a sweet boy flirting in front of me like that full of trust I suppose they shared the bed last night yet once that wouldn’t have been scandalous long ago it’s our world so obsessed by sex but Jason and Brent were in love and loved each other and if it hadn’t all happened so sad they would have got married and really marriage is about more than sex though sex is important and I did love Harold would he have minded I suppose he would have but I would have given him a sharp talking to I’m too old to worry about what society thinks that’s one of the privileges of old age not to care about idiotic beliefs and stuff and nonsense but I do hope dear Jason finds love because it does make the world go round I’m so glad I came and I do love him dear boy so good and Luigi so beautiful extraordinary really I hope he doesn’t break Jason’s heart I couldn’t bear it if it were to happen again poor dear boy.
Aloud, Lucasta observed, “Such a lovely day autumn really is the best season especially here so much warmer than London not to mention the countryside all those old-fashioned houses so badly heated so you roasted on the side facing the fire and froze on the other side and got chilblains.”
“So dispiriting, chilblains,” observed Eleanor, luxuriating in the warmth of the sun and the still slightly chilly air.
“My dear, such a torment at school the dormitories never properly heated quite Victorian really.”
“What are chilblains?” asked Luigi.
Lucasta smiled.  “Vile itchy lumps on your hands and fingers which you get in winter quite horrid I assure you.”

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