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Wednesday, 19 December 2012


Cody had been standing just out of sight behind Jason, feeling more and more uncomfortable.   He stepped forward, his expression bleak.
“Oh, there you are, Cody!  There’s bacon and toast in the kitchen.”  Eleanor had wondered whether Luigi and Cody would stay and was pleased that they had.
Cody was warmed at the genuine welcome in her voice.  He greeted both of the old ladies.
“I slept so late this morning as if I were young again on the razzle dancing till dawn but Mrs Cumberledge explained that it’s really jetlag so barbarous and tiresome but I feel much more alert than I did yesterday morning such a long flight even from Kuala Lumpur and dear Lucy Anstruthers looked after me so well but then I’m not as young as I used to be, am I?”  She smiled beatifically at them.  Cody was reassured by all this benevolent nonsense.  When he turned to look to see how Jason was taking it, he detected a small quirk to his lips which showed his amusement and affection.  Jason caught his gaze and their eyes locked for what seemed forever but could only have been one or two seconds. In the other man’s eyes Cody read attraction, goodwill, forgiveness, judgement.


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