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Friday, 7 July 2017


“What did they say? asked Esmé, when he reached them on the ground floor outside the flats.

“Nothing useful. What did the Mt Macedon policeman say, Key?”

“They’re going to call out the police chopper.  But they need to know the details of Lou’s car to follow it.”

“We don’t have that.  But I s’pose they can get it from the computer records.  I’m sure they have access.”

“What shall we do?”  asked Esmé.

“I want to drive up to Mt Macedon.  I know we’ll get there too late, but I can’t, I can’t, hang around here helplessly.” Jason was anguished.  “I know we can’t save them, but I feel ….”

“… that we should be close,” answered Esmé.  “Yes.  I feel that too.”

“Have you got a lecture or anything on this morning?”

“Nah.  Nothing important.  This is more important.  And anyway, how could I pay attention during the lecture when all this is going on?”

Keith nodded.  “I’ll ring Tom and tell him what’s happened.  Let’s go.”

They got into Keith’s car, and Keith drove towards the freeway.

They didn’t speak.  Traffic was still light, but already much more than when they made their mad dash though the darkened streets towards Luigi’s flat.  Within 25 minutes, they were passing the BP service station on the Calder Highway. 

“That’s where Lou phoned from,” Keith observed as they sped past.

“So we’re half an hour behind them.”

“Yes.  But I’m not going to speed.  If we get stopped by a police car we’ll be delayed.”  He looked at the speedo.  They’d just passed a speed sign which raised the limit to 110 kilometres per hour.  He pressed down the accelerator, and the car’s heater sped up as it did randomly and a gush of hot plastic-smelling air poured into the car.  Nobody complained. They stared intently through the windscreen as if somehow they could by sheer will make the journey time shorten.

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