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Saturday, 15 July 2017


Keith’s Holden was old, but its engine was big-hearted.  It didn’t falter as the road ascended from the lowlands to the highlands.  With hardly any change in the growl of the motor it maintained its speed up the slopes.  A casual observer might have thought, looking at the three people in the car, that they were on a road trip somewhere, until he saw the strain on their faces and the worry in their eyes. 

“Where is it that they’re going to?” asked Jason.

“Sey that long mountain there,” said Keith, pointing through the windscreen at a range of mountains on the horizon.  “Mt Macedon is the one at the far end.  That’s where Cody was taken last toime.”

“We won’t get there quick enough, will we?” was Jason’s quiet reply.

“Nao,” answered Keith grimly.  “But we can be there to help Cody and Lou afterwards. If we can.  If they’re still aloive.”

There was another strained silence in the car while they digested this.

“They’ll need some loving care,” observed Esmé. 

“That’s for fuckin’ sure.”

“And we can do that for them.”

Jason smiled a little grimly, not taking his eyes off the road.  She knew he was smiling by the way the side of his face moved.  “Yep,” he said.  “Yep.  Wey can.”

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