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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Majorca Flats -- 370

“Would you like to borrow some jeans and stuff?�? he whispered into Cody’s ear.  “Everyone’s so dolled up.  I could lend you some.�?
Cody gave him a small grin, tremulous and wry.  “I’m already wearing your trunks.�?
Jason raised his eyebrow.  He’d practised for ages in front of the bathroom mirror to lift just one, to produce exactly the worldly, slightly cynical, witty expression he’d seen on one of the sixth-formers in school when he was in the fourth form.
Cody smiled, more genuinely, this time.  “My feelings exactly.�?
“Well, then, the rest will be easy!  Come on.  Let’s go to my room.�?
He took Cody’s arm and led him out.

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