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Saturday, 8 July 2017


A few minutes later, the freeways started to climb up into the highlands.  A police car with its siren going and lights flashing passed them doing at least 130 kilometres per hour.

“Stupid fucks!” Keith was angry.  “They’ll frighten the killer and then he’ll kill Lou and Cody.”

“Calm down, Key.  Maybe it’s just for now,” said Esmé.  “We’re half an hour behind them. Maybe they’ll use the siren until they get closer and then turn it off.”

Keith didn’t answer.  A minute or two after that, they heard the sound of a chopper going by fast.  It flew overhead, a few hundred metres up, and its noise for a moment was so loud that even if they’d spoken they wouldn’t have heard each other.

As the sound diminished, Keith said, “Well, at least they’ve taken it seriously.”

“They’ll be too late!” Jason answered, agonised.  “Lou and them must be there by now!”

“If they’re still alive!” replied Keith grimly.

“He always killed his victims on Mt Macedon, didn’t he?  The newspaper article I read said that.  But obviously he lived in the city.  So maybe the Mt Macedon thing is necessary to him in some way.  He has to do his killing there.”  Esmé’s voice was reasonable, calm.  But when Jason looked at her he could see the strain in her face and posture.

“Perhaps he’ll change his routine,” growled Keith.

“No.  They don’t.  I know.  I know it very well.  Maybe they change incrementally.  A slightly different modus operandi each time.  But I think he’ll want to be where he was before.  Even though the situation is different this time.  Where he does it means something to him.  Mt Macedon is important, for some reason.”

Keith flicked her a quick glance, then turned his eyes back to the road.  “Okay.” 

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