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Thursday, 6 July 2017


Jason was so irritated with the languid pace of the lift he almost ran up the stairs instead.  At last the lift reached Luigi’s floor and the door opened.  He ran along the access balcony to Luigi’s flat.  The door was still open.  A little breathless, he said, “Hey, Lou’s just phoned!”

“Who is Lou?” asked the same policemen that he’d quarrelled with. 

“The guy the Mt Macedon killer abducted.  He said he’s at the BP service station on the Calder Freeway, and that’s on the way to Mt Macedon.”

“How did he manage to make the call?” asked the policeman, sarcastically.

“How the fuck do I know?  But it was him and he rang my mobile.  So now you know where to look!”  And he turned on his heel and walked off.  This time he did use the stairs, racing down them to where the others were waiting.

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