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Sunday, 21 October 2012

Majorca Flats -- 371

Luigi watched them go.  He didn’t realise that his face showed his worry.  Eleanor noticed.
“Have you tried one of my cheese straws?"
“No, I haven’t.  May I?"  He forced his thoughts away from Cody and concentrated on the cheese straws.  They were indeed delicious and he complimented her on them.
“It’s an old recipe.  I used to make then for Bart.  They were his favourite."  At Luigi’s inquiring look, she added, “My son.  He …. died.  Years ago now."  She gave a determined smile, but Luigi had seen the sorrow on her face.
“I’m sorry," he said, meaning it. 
“They’re Jason’s favourite, too," she said, resolved not to let her old sorrow spoil this party.
“Well," he said, following her lead back to safer topics, “I can see why!"
“You young people can eat all you want and remain slim and svelte but when you are old you’ll find that even if you eat like a sparrow you gain weight mind you I read somewhere that sparrows eat their body weight each day such nervy little creatures always bouncing and hopping and alert." Lucasta had also seen Luigi’s worry.  As usual, what she wanted to say and what she actually said seemed to bear little relationship to each other.  She wanted to say just love him, just take care of him, don’t give upGarble, garble! she thought to herself.  How I do rattle on.

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