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Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Majorca Flats -- 366

“You reckon?  Do you love Philippa?"
“Yeah."  Cody was all at once defensive.
“And you love me?"
“You know that I do."
“Well, Jace is my friend.  And I love him.  And yes we fuck … but it’s not about the fucking … it’s because he cares"
Cody tried not to let Luigi know he was weeping but his ragged gasp as he asked, “Where does that leave me?" gave him away.
“I told you, you drongo.  I told you that you were the great love of my life."
“And now?"
Luigi kissed Cody on his lips, but didn’t answer.
“And now, Lou?" insisted Cody, turning his head away from Luigi’s questing mouth.
“God fuck me for a fool.  Yes.  I still love you."  And as he said it, Luigi knew it was true.
“Do you promise, Lou?  Do you promise?"
“Say it!"
“I love you, Cody Williams.  I promise."  There was a long almost peaceful silence.  At last, Luigi said, “But you know, I didn’t even know your last name.  Who was the man I really loved?  The man who never invited me home?  The man who often wouldn’t take my phone calls?  Who was he, this man I loved more than I could say?"
“Oh God, Lou! I’ve fucked up so badly."   Cody was weeping openly now, his body racked with sobs.
“Shhh.  It’s okay.  We’ve started again.  Now come on, let’s get tarted up and go to the party.  Put on our glad rags.  Be happy!  Well, it’s not really a party, but the two old ladies are calling it that.  C’mon, handsome."
Cody sniffed and wiped his eyes and started getting dressed.

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