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Saturday, 29 September 2012

Majorca Flats -- 362

Jason closed the phone, a half smile curling his lips.  He felt much better.
He’d known from all the preparations that his grandmother and Eleanor half expected his friends to join them for the “party".  If they’d been other than who they were, he’d have resented the assumption.    But they’d been careful not to make their expectations explicit, so he forgave them.  In any case, he was very fond of them both.  And having Luigi and Cody there would leaven the mix.  Even better, he could watch them and help Luigi get Cody through the horrors he’d been subjected to.  When he thought about it, he found himself unable to imagine, really, what it must be like to be raped, cut and humiliated, knowing all the time that he was going to die horribly.  I must make allowances, he thought.
He went into the kitchen.  “Is it OK if Luigi and Cody join us for the party?" he asked the two women as they tidied the kitchen.
“Oh, that would be lovely!" said Eleanor.
His grandmother said, “It’s always such a pleasure to have friends over and break bread like in the Bible or is it somewhere else I can’t remember it’s supposed to be the earliest form of sharing with even young children doing it is it the Good Samaritan or which story really sometimes I feel quite senile."
“Never that, grandam!  Your mind is as sharp as ever."
That’s all very well, thought Lucasta, but I do worry about you my dear and Brent and so much loss and unhappiness and I would be very glad if you found a nice young man to love or even two nice young men and never mind what your ninniebarn of a mother thinks all the brains of an earwig.
“Around seven o’clock?"
“That would be very nice," said Eleanor, also wondering why Jason had looked so down when he’d come home and looked better now.  She wondered whether Keith would be coming too and then remembered that he’d be working.

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