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Monday, 22 October 2012

Majorca Flats -- 372

She thought to herself how extraordinarily beautiful Luigi was, almost too beautiful to be male.  You can see he’s gay, she thought to herself, but you can’t with Jason or Cody.  Why is it different?  He has the assurance and self-confident awareness of his body and the effect he has on men just like a beautiful and sexy woman.  Like I was, once—and she smiled a little mordantly to herself.  And dear Harold!  He’d been so very handsome.  They’d made the perfect couple, a society wedding, photos in the Times and The Tatler, and even Lillibet had come and they’d been so happy and then there was the dreadful, awful time when Harold had had that thing with that actress but she had pretended nothing was happening because she knew it wouldn’t last but it did for five years and then the actress had left him and he’d been heartbroken although he hadn’t said a word about it to her which had made her love him more you can’t help loving people even if they wrong you.  She wondered whether Cody’s wife would take him back.  Who knew?  She had kept Harold and it had been the right decision that’d had brought them so many years together of happiness odd that how betrayal and forgiveness had cemented their love and their marriage.

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