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Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Majorca Flats -- 367

When they arrived at Majorca Flats, Jason was waiting for them, and the first thing he did was to pull Cody in a close hug, not a straight bloke hug, but a full body hug from chest to knees.  It was an odd feeling for Cody.  This … manly … macho, muscular, big man, who appeared so strong and so self-possessed, was holding him close.  It was like a big brother or his father.  It felt as if Jason cared. Cody was a small boy again, safe within the wards maintained by his parents.  Yet he could feel Jason’s cock pressed against him and though that was surprisingly erotic given what he’d been through, it suggested more, that the warmth Jason was giving him might translate one day into sexual intimacy.  Incongruous, given all he’d been through and what he still felt, but not in an unpleasant way.  Since he and Luigi had talked, Cody felt better, though the horror of the last few days was never far from his conscious mind.  The thought that perhaps, one day, he might again have sex entered his head and wouldn’t be dislodged.
“Come in, come in, my grandam has bought some super champers and they’ve made cheese straws."
Luigi divined that Jason was being deliberately “jolly hockey sticks" as Richard used to call it, meaning the unreal world of books written about English boarding schools and the supposedly happy times everyone had there.  I love him too, he thought, suddenly.  Not just because he’s sexy and beaut, but because he’s so fucking kind.
Clever and thoughtful.
And he thought about Providence and how Jason’s loss had taught him something, just as his own had. 

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