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Friday, 26 October 2012

Majorca Flats -- 373

“Nice room,�? said Cody.
Jason replied as he opened the cupboard to fetch Cody
a pair of jeans.  “Yeah.  I was lucky to find it.  And Eleanor is such a great landlady.  More a friend really.�?
“I hope I find somewhere like this.�?
Jason gave him the jeans and asked, “Won’t you be staying with Lou?�?
Cody shook his head without speaking.
“He loves you, you know.�?
“Not any more.�?
Jason sat on the bed and drew his knees up and put his arms round them.  “You’re wrong,�? he said.  “The first time he and I … made love …. he cried.�? Jason looked away, remembering.  After a heartbeat, he looked at Cody and he continued, “He said he was always being hurt by straight guys.  He thought I was straight.  That I would fuck him.  Use him.  Leave him.  For my wife.  My girlfriend.  A woman.�?

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