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Wednesday, 5 July 2017


“That was Luigi!” said Jason.  “He said he’s at the BP service station on the Calder highway.  Where is that?”

“It’s on the way to Mt Macedon.  About halfway there,” answered Keith.

Jason stared at him for a moment.  “Right!” he said.  “I’ll go and tell that fool of a policeman upstairs.  You ring the policeman in Mt Macedon.  Better make sure we tell as many as possible.  I don’t trust them to get this right.”  He turned and marched off.

Keith selected his previous call to Colin from the phone log and redialled.  The phone rang briefly then diverted from the landline to the police station to another number.  Colin picked up at the other end.

“Hi, Colin, it’s mey again.  Lou has just phoned us to say they’re at the BP service station on the Calder.  I think we were roight.  He is goin’ to Mt Macedon.”

“I’m here at the turnoff from the main road, watching the cars coming up the mount from Melbourne.  What make and colour is his car?”

“Dunno.  Can’t the police pull that from VicRoads’ files?”

“Yeah, but it would take too long.”

“I’ll ask Jace and get back to you.”

“Right.  If he’s at the BP station now, he’s about 30 minutes away.  If he is in fact coming here.”

“What else can we do?  Where else can we go?”  Keith asked in despair.

“I think I might call one of the police choppers out.  There’s a risk.  But we’d be able to follow them from the air.  To do that, I need the car’s details.”

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