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Friday, 8 July 2016


Source:  The Age

Jason understood at once.  His first response was to phone Luigi back.  But even as he was about to press ‘reply’, he decided against it.  What if the killer was still there?  Wouldn’t it be better not to let the killer guess that Luigi had let someone know?

His skin prickling with fear he ran through to the bedroom and shook Keith’s shoulder. 

“Keith, wake up!  Lou’s in trouble.”

“Wha’?  Go ‘way!” 

Jason shook him again.  “Wake up Keith!  Wake up, damn you!”  His upper-class English accent sharpened.

Keith raised his head from the pillow.  “D’ya blaidin’ well knaow what toim it is?”

Jason simply repeated “Lou’s in trouble.”  He pressed the message bank link and scrolled the volume of his phone up.  Luigi’s voice filled the room.

“Jaysus!” Keith stood up abruptly.  He leapt out of bed and dragged on his undies and his jeans.  “We must do something!”

“I’m going to call the police,” said Jason, suiting action to words.  “It’s triple zero here, isn’t it?  Not triple 9, right?” He remembered seeing the number on the side of a police car.  He was silent while he dialled and waited for the call to be answered.  Then he added, “Get dressed.  We don’t want them to think there’s been an orgy going on when they turn up.”

“None a’ their fuckin’ business,” growled Keith.

“Yes, but we need to convince them we’re serious!”  Then to the phone, in answer to “Which service,” he said “police”, and waited to be connected.

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