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Saturday, 9 July 2016


Jason covered the phone and said to Keith, “Fuck!  What’s Lou’s address?” 

“I dunno.  Didn’t you go there? When you hooked up?”  Keith sounded panicked.

“Yeah, but that doesn’t help.  Hang on.”  Then, into the phone, “Yes, police?  My friend … I wish to report …”  He started again, stuttering in his eagerness to get help for Luigi and Cody.   “I’ve just a received a phone call from someone who involved with the Mt Macedon murderer.  No, he didn’t do it.  He’s a friend … lover … of the latest victim.  He’s just phoned to say that the killer is in his flat.  I don’t know the address.  It’s near Carlton Gardens.  Yes, I’ve been there.  Don’t come here that would waste time.  You have my mobile number, yes?  My name is Jason Armstrong-Beaufort.  I’ll drive there now and phone in the address.  It’ll be quicker.  What’s your direct line?”  He waved his fingers at Keith who was listening intently, and mouthed ‘pen’.  He wrote the number on his hand.  “Listen, it’s extremely serious.  He’s killed at least five that we know of.  And I only just got my friend’s message.”

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