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Thursday, 21 April 2016


Jason turned round, half expecting to see Brent behind him, but the door was empty.  He went back into the hallway, and feeling all at once an unaccountable urgency, almost terror, he lifted his jeans from the floor and pulled his mobile out of the front pocket.  It was blinking, informing him of a waiting message.

His heart pounding, Jason swiped his finger across the face of the mobile.  There was a message from the phone company telling him that Luigi had phoned him.  More than 20 minutes ago!  Without any clear idea of how, he knew that something had happened.  Don’t be silly, a part of him soothed, there are a hundred reasons why Luigi could have phoned.  But another part of his brain queried that.  Now?  Why so early in the morning?  He selected the message and unlocked the phone.  His fingers trembled and his hand shook.

He listened to the voicemail, his heart beating so fast and hard it made him feel sick.. “Jason, it’s him!  He’s in the flat!”

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