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Thursday, 7 January 2016


Keith’s face was unsmiling, but his eyes were alight.  He looked down at her, then bent down to kiss her nipple.  Jason ran his tongue down her shoulder to her other nipple.  Together, each men sucked on her nipples, and she felt the electric tangles reach down to her groin, to the tips of her legs.  Just when it seemed it would be too intense, Jason moved to her mouth, and kissed her.  This time he was passionate.  Urgent.  She felt his desire and in turn it kindled her own.  The tortured, pain-filled couplings her father had forced her to endure ebbed to a dim memory, like a film she’d once seen long ago.  Here—now—she was desired, by two different men, one with brown hair and eyes, the other blue-eyed and blond; one a street kid, the other a millionaire with a title.  Her father was just some distant evil goblin, vile and perverted and corrosive, like some chemical.  But far away.  She was safe.  Her heart and her body opened.

Keith, used to her jeans, undid the button and the zip and slid his hand inside to feel her pussy.  So warm, so firm, so kind.  He started to stroke her through her thong, sending ripples of pleasure through her body.  

The two men stopped and looked at each other.  They leaned over her and kissed, and then just looked deep into each other’s eyes.  Without a word, they moved down to the end of the bed and took off her trainers and her socks.  Jason lifted her carefully, his strong body doing it easily, and Keith pulled her jeans off.  On their knees, the two men turned and smiled at her with a palpable air of “aren’t we clever?”  She couldn’t help it: she giggled.

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