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Tuesday, 5 January 2016


The orange light from the sodium street lamps was shining into the room through the gap between the curtains.  Jason sat down on Keith’s bed, still holding Keith’s and Esmé’s hands.  He patted the bed next to himself.  Esmé sat down, and he put his arms round her.  Keith lowered himself to the bed and kissed her on her cheek.  Still they didn’t speak. 

Jason began to lift her T-shirt over her head.  As he lifted it, Keith kissed her on her tummy, each kiss making her shiver with need.  Jason pulled the T-shirt over her head, and then re-arranged her hair which had got mussed.  He kissed her on her lips, while Keith kissed her body, in a line up from waistband to her breasts.  Jason went on kissing her lips, his mouth warm and flavoured with Cointreau, and Keith moved round behind her, kissing her shoulders.  She could feel his hands, caressing her skin, and then undoing her bra straps.  Keith lifted the bra off her.  Obediently, she raised her hands so that he could.  Now it was Jason kissing her front.  His mouth brushed against her left breast, his tongue tracing out the shape of her nipple.  Keith moved round from her back and his mouth found her other nipple.

“Yes,” she breathed, and lay back on the sheets, with her arms spread.

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