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Tuesday, 28 April 2015


As soon as breakfast was over, Jason rang Luigi. 

“Lou, hey, do you want to meet for coffee later?” 

“Lemme just check with Cody.  I’ll ring you back.  He’s at work now.  Let’s say at 5.30 at the Café Novio on Brunswick?”

“Yep.  I’ve got something to tell you.”

“Good? I hope.”

“Good and bad.  Maybe.”

“You’re going back to England?”  Luigi’s tone betrayed his dismay.

“Nah.  The opposite, actually.”

“So what is it?”

“Heh.  You’ll have to wait and see, gayboy.  Give you something to think about.  See you later, sexy.”

Luigi ended the call a little perplexed and worried.

He told Cody about the phone call when Cody got home.  “You’re a bit worried. What is it?” asked Cody.

“Jason wants to meet us.  He says he’s got something to tell us.”

“D’you think it’ll be something bad?”

“He says not, but, well … he’s a friend.  I’d miss him if he left.”

Cody felt the familiar twinges of jealousy and guilt.

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