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Monday, 27 April 2015


“And now to tell the others.”  Jason sighed.  “It’s going to be hard.  Like coming out.  Because I’ve been lying to them.”

“No you haven’t!” Eleanor was indignant.  “You don’t have to tell people everything about yourself!  You’re entitled to private things.  And if you set aside your money because you wanted it to not be significant in your life, then, why should you tell them about it?”

“Well, I did say, when I told them about Brent, that I was rich and that was part of what … so they do know that.  But the title … and all that family history, going back nine hundred years.  It’s … too much.”

“Well, I’ve always thought that business of assessing a family just by its male members was silly.  What about all the ordinary women who married into the family?  There must have been some.  I mean, when you go back far enough, all of us have hundreds of ancestors. You’ve probably got a few peasants in your ancestry! But don’t ignore the power of a title in Australia.  You will be newsworthy.  And some people will be hostile, just because you have a title.  You should be able to use it to get publicity, to persuade people to give your home money.  Anyway, I don’t think they’ll care.  It’s …” she coloured slightly and looked away, ‘it’s not as if they don’t know you, um, intimately.”

It was Jason’s turn to blush.  He cleared his throat.

Lucasta said, “Well, my dear, certainly I have some quite ordinary people in my family tree like the wife of my grandfather who was a dancer from Paris so useful to be able to dance I loved it with your grandfather and that was partly why I learned French you know which I love and I remember her quite well such a pretty elegant woman with a charming accent she used to call me darleeeng when I was little and tell me fairy tales in French but I think there were many who cut her and grandfather because of who she was so cruel and stupid really.  And here I am your grandmother and so proud of you my dear.”

Episodes 1 to 500 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)   

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