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Saturday, 7 December 2013


Luigi reached over and snaffled the shopping bag with the sex toys and put it on the sofa.  He opened the packet of the ‘starter kit’.  He leaned in and kissed Cody again.  He sat back and smiled. 
Cody leaned forward and kissed him deeply. “I do love you, Lou.  I do,” he murmured
“I know,” whispered Luigi. He lifted Cody’s T-shirt off his torso, and left a trail of charged kisses down his neck.  He took a nipple into his mouth and bit gently.  Cody groaned. “Oh, God, Lou, that’s …. Don’t stop.”
Luigi moved his hands up to the other nipple and tweaked it.  “Never!”  he breathed.
Cody unzipped his jeans.
Luigi reached inside the zip and squeezed his package.   “Hmm, is that a canoe, or are you glad to see me?”
“A canoe,” gasped Cody.
“Funny place to keep it.”
They started laughing.  “It was too big for the hallway,” Cody choked out.
Luigi gave a shout of laughter. 
“So is this,” he exclaimed, brandishing the large black monster dildo.
“I still don’t believe anybody could get that up himself,” said Cody eyeing it warily.

“You can try on me, one of these days,” promised Luigi.  “Meanwhile, enough of this feeble repartee …. Time for fun.”

Episodes 1 to 480 (without pictures, 20 episodes per chapter)  

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