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Tuesday, 3 December 2013


Luigi paused the DVD.  He shifted sideways on the sofa to look directly at Cody.  “When I first met Richard, my lover—my husband, really—he wanted me to fuck him because he couldn’t get it up.  He was quite elderly.  And he offered to pay.  Which means that I was once a whore, Lou.  He wanted me to be a regular, and in the end we became a couple.  I don’t think I was ever ‘in love’ with him.  But I did love him.  A lot, as it happens.  He was my friend, my lover, someone who was consistently kind and generous with me.  He never asked if I was tricking with other men.  And in the end I stopped.  In the beginning I did.  I felt I needed the sex, the excitement of the chase.  You know how it goes. Will he, won’t he?  Is he, isn’t he? Someone new.  Someone exciting.  But, in the end with Richard, yeah, the sex wasn’t stunning.  But we were happy.  It was so nice to be loved for myself, and it was …. beaut … to love him back.  After he died, I went cruising again, and the sex was hot but it wasn’t enough.  There was a missing ingredient.  And that was mattering to someone. Having someone to cuddle.   I matter to Jace and Keith.  And I matter to you.  And I need that.”
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