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Monday, 19 November 2012

Majorca Flats --380

“I s’pose.  Not that I know that much.  I mean I’ve had a couple of girlfriends, but I dunno, I’ve always felt closer to men.  What do you think, Cody?”
Luigi realised that Jason had deliberately and delicately directed this conversation to get to this point.  Clever, he thought.  But … is it wise, right now?  He was ready to intervene when Cody spoke. 
“I don’t know any more.  I … love Phillippa.  But … I need … I … God, this is so difficult … I need men.”
“It’s a bugger’s muddle.  So to speak.  You know what I mean!”  Jason chuckled.  He continued, more earnestly, “You know, if loving men is half of you, it’s hard, very hard.  I knew a man once, in England.  Brent and I met him at a pub, and we connected.  He must’ve picked up the vibes.  He was in his—I dunno, late fifties, early sixties—and he said he’d been gay all his life.  Like 100% gay.  He’d been in the Coldstream Guards …”
“ …mmm … uniforms …” interrupted Luigi.
“ … and his whole life had been spent with men.  And then one day he met a woman and he fell in love with her and they got married.”

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