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Sunday, 18 November 2012


From Guys Cuddling blog

“When must you go back to work, Lou?” 
“Tomorrow, I suppose.  You?”
“Yeah.  I can’t let Key do it all on his own.  What about you, Cody?”
Relaxed by the beat of Luigi’s heart, and by Jason’s easy acceptance of him, he replied, “I don’t know if I still have a job.  I have to give them a medical certificate and if the whole story doesn’t make the news then maybe it’ll be OK.”
“Well, if the worst comes to the worst, you can come and work with us at The Lord Grey.”
Cody knew The Lord Grey well.  He’d picked up several men there.  Her realised He hadn’t been there in the last few months.
“I might need that,” he said.
“Mind you, Tom might want to sleep with you.”
“Who’s Tom?”
“The owner.”
“Has he slept with you yet?” asked Luigi, curious.
“No.  He’s been entirely proper.”
“You sorry?”
“Yeah.  A bit.  Key says he hits the spot.  Every time.”
“Is that why he sleeps with him?”
“No.  Tom and he … they have a … they love each other.  Hey, Lou, do you think het love has so many forms as gay love?”
“What would I know about that?”

Episodes 1 to 260 (without pictures, 10 episodes per chapter

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