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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Episode 381

Luigi didn’t like the turn the conversation was taking, and he said, a little sharply, “Why didn’t he marry one of the men?”
“Gay marriage wasn’t legal then.”
“Well, you know what I mean.  Be committed.  Loyal.  As if they were married even if they weren’t.”
“Maybe in the old days gays couldn’t have permanent relationships.  I mean some did.”
“Society is against us,” grumbled Luigi, irritably.
“Have some more champers, Lou, and quieten down.  One, things are changing.  Two, you idiot, we’ll be around for you, for always.  Me and Keith and you too; Cody, right?”  He didn’t wait for an answer from either of them.  “Maybe,” he went on, “we’ll create a new model of relationships, like an extended family, where we love each other but not exclusively.  Shared.  Somehow.  I don’t know.”
“Would it work?  Can it work?” Luigi’s voice showed all his doubts, all his bitterness.
“Gayboy, I’ll be here for you always.” Jason lifted his head and met Luigi’s gaze and their eyes locked.  “When we’re in the Shady Acres Retirement Home, we’ll still be friends.  By that stage maybe not friends with benefits, you know, since we’ll be ancient, but anyway something important and meaningful.  Husbands.  Partners.  Lovers.”
His eyes shiny with unshed tears, touched beyond belief, Luigi was quite unable to speak. 

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