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Sunday, 17 April 2016


Keith bent down and kissed her.  Resting his body on his arms, he smiled at her, a smile of pleasure and companionship and love. 

She reached out and took Jason’s hand. 

“C’mon,” she whispered.

Jason had found the sight of Keith and Esmé making love intensely erotic.  Up till this point he hadn’t been sure which of the other two he was going to fuck.  And he was surprised to realise that it didn’t matter.  Right then, he was equally attracted to both of them. 

Keith rolled over to the other side of the bed.  Jason took his place, and, never taking his eyes off Esmé’s he slid into her and began to move in and out.  She was still trembling in the afterglow of her first orgasm, and Jason’s thrusts took her over the edge again, even before he had climaxed.  He stopped in mid-thrust looking down at her.

“Don’t … stop … don’t … just …” she gasped.

She understood that he had been gentle with her up till then, for he began to pump her, fast and deep.  He was bigger than Keith, and she was for a moment afraid that she would clamp tight, not because he was hurting her, but because just thinking about it might bring back the memories of her father.  But it didn’t hurt.  It felt just right.

She was building to another climax when he closed his eyes and flicked his head back and growled in pleasure.  His final slow push into her was enough, with his thickness inside her, to make her climax again.

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