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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Majorca Flats -- 358

“Why all these questions?�?
class="MsoNormal" style="line-height: 150%; margin-top: 14.15pt; tab-stops: 24.0pt;">Jason felt the rumble of Keith’s voice through his ribs.  He moved his head to get more comfortable.
“I don’t know,�? he admitted.  “I’ve been thinking a lot.  And what happened with Cody.  About Brent.  About … you know … where I’m going to be in ten years time.  About … love …. and stuff.�?
Keith rubbed Jason’s hair vigorously, and then pulled him into a tight embrace.  “There’s naow aysy way, Jace, love.  We’re … Oi … Oi live each day at a time.  Oi knaow that it moight all be taken from me.  Oi knaow that. So I troi to be happy with what Oi have.  When Oi was whoring, I usedta imagine something happy.  When a blaoke was fuckin’ me, and maybe hurtin’ me, Oi would just imagine Oi was on holiday somewhere beaut.  Ya knaow, in my speydos on the beach, with someone I loved holdin’ my hand.  Not about that this guy fuckin’ me was a pig, and that he was hurtin’ me, and would Oi have enough to buy some deycent drugs to make me forget for a whoile.�?
“What happened to save you?�?
“Tom.�?  Keith paused, ruminatively stroking Jason’s hair.  “I love him.  And I owe him.  He saved moi loife.  It’s that simple.�?
“Does it bother him that you and I and Lou, you know?�?
“Naow.  He doesn’t moind.  He’s glad that I’m happy.  He did tell me not to give my heart to ya, because ya’ll prolly go back to England.�?
“No.  Never.  Not without you and Lou.  And I’ll never go back permanently.  It was that whole English thing about class and money that lost me Brent.  Yeah, and my own incredible stupidity.�? He paused to think.  “So … maybe on holiday.   With you and Lou.�?  He was again silent for a moment or two. “Yeah.  And Cody, too, if that all works out.  We’ve got to look after Lou. I don’t trust that blighter.  So, anyway, Key, my dear, you have me as long as you want me.�?
Keith couldn’t speak past the lump in his throat.  All he could do was squeeze Jason in his arms and kiss the tousled head resting with such trust and affection on his chest.

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